Gingrich Sets “Churchillian Tone” in Iowa!

The "Young Lion", Winston Churchill

The “Young Lion”, Winston Churchill

“I realized that what none of us had understood was that when President Obama was teaching Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, we assumed that it was the American Constitution.” ~ Newt Gingrich, Iowa Freedom Summit…to “rip-roaring laughter”!

The more I reflect on the nature of the goons wreaking havoc on our world, the more confident I am of our inevitable victory. They have only unlimited financial resources, nuclear weapons and the Mainstream Media! But we have the superior weaponry and firepower of humor on our side. That’s how Reagan beat ‘em…simple good-natured humor in the face of evil! Disarming, I think they call it….

Newt Gingrich did two very powerful things in his speech at the Freedom Summit (linked below) this past week. He invoked Reagan (from 11:16 to 12:27) by recalling Reagan’s Communist-threat epiphany in 1947 as a brilliant contrast to Obama’s slumber in the face of the Radical Islam-threat…even opening his speech with a good ole Reaganesque knee-slapper! And, he called out Radical Islam exactly as Reagan would have…no mincing words, no soft evading circular Progressive-say-no-evil appeasement nonsense. Just 100% clear refreshing “straight talk”! I encourage you to watch his entire speech. Here are some great excerpts from the two Breitbart article links:

Obama, who recently refused to use the phrase “radical Islamist,” has a “pathological incapacity to deal with reality,” according to Gingrich. Republicans didn’t rate a pass from Newt, either. He said the elites in “both parties” are afraid to tell the truth when it comes to radical Islam. Time and again, Gingrich, a former history professor, returned to comparisons of radical Islam with Nazi Germany.

Calling it “a global war,” he also pointed out that Islamist Boko Haram, much in the news today, had killed more people than Ebola, yet the State Department under Clinton refused to label it a terrorist group. Gingrich’s point was that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be just as dangerous for America as is Obama’s in this regard.

Fourteen years after 9/11, we still lack a strategy. Congress should lead with hearings on the enemy and how to prevail.

We are losing the war with radical Islamists, this is mortally dangerous to our entire civilization and to us as people…we need to tell the truth about it. This President is hopeless. He lives in a fantasy world, as three different NBC reporters said after the State of the Union.” He called on Congress to spur a national debate on the issue with months of hearings, asking, “Is this something we have to defeat and what does defeat mean when it’s a worldwide movement?”

First Gingrich called to, “Define clearly and publicly what it is and what you won’t tolerate.” Second, he listed, “To recognize that this is not a conventional war, you don’t think geographically,” going on to say America can train and empower foreign allied forces like Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Third and finally, he stated, “Recognize that this requires a much more agile and much more capable State Department that is prepared to actually do something as opposed to talk.” Finally, he said, “Until you overhaul the State Department, you do not have the instrument you need to match the military. You cannot ask the military to do everything.”

One of my favorite parts of his speech was the most direct. Imagine if we had a leader in the White House instead of a double-talking ideologue who would look the world straight in the eye and say, “If you are a Muslim and you’re willing to live in peace with your neighbors, and you have no problem with people converting in both directions, and you’d like to be able to have a mosque, but by the way, they can have a synagogue or a temple or a church…I have no problem with Muslims who are prepared to live in diversity. But if you are a Muslim who believes you are going to impose Sharia by cutting off my head, then I have a desire to kill you before you cut off my head.”

But the very best moment of all for me came at the 18 minute mark, when Newt paid tribute to the man from the last century who saved Freedom for us to enjoy in this one:

In the middle of the 1930’s as the British leadership showed total cowardice and were terrified of dealing head-on with Adolph Hitler, one man actually read Mein Kampf. His name was Winston Churchill, and he said “You know I think this guy actually means what he is saying.”

Entire speech (20:56)


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