Our Future Depends on Our “Local” Focus!

In Texas?

In Texas?

I have some good news…and I have some bad news:

JACKSON, Miss. — Some Mississippi lawmakers want to ban state courts from using or enforcing foreign law and to prevent the state from participating in United Nations-inspired sustainable development efforts.

Both measures reflect concerns among some Republicans about improper foreign and international influence on American affairs. Proponents of the foreign law-measure fear courts might refer to the compendiums of Muslim religious law known as Sharia. Agenda 21 opponents fear that local governments will restrict choices about where and how to live.

IRVING, TX.The state of Texas has accepted Sharia law. The city of Irving, Texas, will be the first to have an official Sharia court in the United States.

My best moments in life, by no coincidence, are those when I was in the peak of physical fitness. I can assure you that the rewards for doing the hard work of maintaining a good cardio-vascular work-out regimen go well beyond physical appearance. Clarity of mind and vitality of spirit are the succulent fruits for those who honor their physical temple so! And I humbly submit that clarity of mind and vitality of spirit have never been more important to the survival of Western Civilization than they are at this exact moment in time!

While there is much to celebrate regarding the many advances of technology and communication, one has to be blind to miss the significant downside to these prolific developments. The greatest of these is the intellectual laziness that naturally comes from having everything given to you by pushing a button, or moving a mouse. We’ve become a massive heard of millennial warehouses full of wonderful things that we have absolutely no idea what to do with! So we push another button, or move another mouse and rely on what it tells us to do with it all…

Meanwhile there is a ferocious debate rocking the world, while our screen-hooked minds are busy chasing various pleasures and distractions. We’re not engaged in this debate because to actually be engaged would require work, as in a good old-fashioned “no pain, no gain” intellectual workout! It’s much easier to push a button or two that brings me to a conclusion that fits comfortably within my preconceived notion(s).

Actually going back to the beginning would be such a long and tedious journey, who has the time? And besides, I have this little iGadget to tell me all I need to know. But then, why didn’t I know this:

“Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.” (Galatians 4:30) These are the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians, and he is referring to Hagar — the bondwoman — and her son Ishmael, being driven out because the latter cannot be a heir with freewoman’s son –Isaac. This is symbolic of two different religions: one being true and bringing freedom, and the other being false and tyrannical. “So then, brethren,” writes St. Paul, “we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.” (Galatians 4:31)

I didn’t know this because I have become the new salmon of the new world who no longer needs to swim upstream, fighting the currents and predators to procreate…I have my secular salmon farmer who will take care of everything for me! He will provide all I need to know and everything I need to grow…

But the Founder’s knew! The Founders had the mental clarity to grasp Galatians, and make God’s Word the foundation of our society…until the society that grew from the Grace of Consecration chose to believe otherwise…

The framers mistakenly believed that there was no need to acknowledge an independent and objective body of law since natural law — “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” — was almost universally accepted. The belief system was written into the Declaration of Independence and acknowledged in the Constitution…

Natural Law in the West was formulated by reading the world through the lens of the Bible. Once the Bible was dismissed and evolution accepted, Natural Law had lost its moral foundation. Natural Law became the law of the jungle

An evolving law means a flexible law that can be manipulated by whoever’s in power. If Muslims gain power in the United States, as they are doing, then they could change America into an Islamic Caliphate bound by Sharia law. Sharia law can advance in the West because Western law is morally bankrupt.

STOP! Stop and think…let these words ruminate within for a few precious moments…Do we have the clarity of mind to grasp the meaning of all this? Are we able to fully understand and accept the precariousness, the frailty…the barely visible trace of thin thread the survival of American Liberty is hanging by? Do we possess the vitality of spirit to respond? If you are reading these words, since I communicate mostly to a remnant, you probably do. But think of the many neighbors around you who do not!

Are they anywhere close to prepared for the “Summer Camp” coming to a rural location near them sometime soon:

“More than 17,000 fresh-faced teenagers and young men, aged 15 to 21, mustered at a dozen camps over the past week in the Gaza Strip to climb ropes, practice close-order drills and fire Kalashnikov rifles, all of them pledging to defend the coastal enclave and ready to fight the next war against their Zionist enemies. They also learned first aid and how to throw a grenade. They watched — but did not touch — as instructors demonstrated the basics of improvised explosive devices [IED]. For the first time, the Hamas military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, hosted the Gaza recruits for a week of training in the martial arts at previously off-limits Qassam bases,” writes the UKI/WP.

So what makes Jackson different from Irving? Why are the people of Jackson awake, while the people of Irving are still sleeping? I would suggest there are a number of reasons, but two that are very big:

1) The Progressive (Radical) Left has targeted places like Texas, Colorado and Michigan. They surround cities like Irving, Denver and Dearborn like the enemies of Israel surrounded the Golan…only, instead of a barrage of mortar rounds, the enemies of America fire a steady rain of Political Correctness down on those too mentally soft to defend themselves.

2) The people of Jackson have a stronger sense of community. They are better connected to one another. Neighbors have stronger bonds and networks with one another. Families are healthier, and I don’t know this for a fact, but I’ll bet you more of them go to church and actually believe in God! Amen!

Let the lesson of Jackson and Irving be a lesson to us all! Forget about Brian Williams, Obama and Boehner, as important as the national stage may be…they are fools in a herd of fools that needs to be drastically thinned. But nothing is more important than your own home, and EVERYONE’S home is LOCAL! Local needs to be strengthened because LOCAL will need to be defended! Why are we here? Did God put us here to collect toys and chase women young enough to be our daughters? Or did he put us here to protect, preserve and pass the torch? One is a moth to flame, and the other is the eternal flame of honor. Clarity of mindvitality of spirit…these are infectious things! But they are empty suits without action to fill them.

So we need to get out and get in play locally. One of the best things I did after changing careers and moving from Bergen County, NJ to Orange County, NY was to join a county leadership training program called Leadership Orange. See if there’s something similar near you. I know there’s a Leadership Dutchess and I think, a Leadership Rockland. It is by far the best way to meet and develop relationships with other clear minds and vital spirits…while getting under the hood to learn and understand the engine of your LOCAL community!

Pray locally and God will deliver locally. People will begin to simply show up when you put yourself out. Destined paths will cross as solid relationships built on moral ground strengthen and grow, while the pay-to-plays stumble and falter, as they begin their inevitable withering. We are planning a “Regionalism vs Local” forum designed to identify, include and educate every stakeholder to the dangers as well as the benefits existing in the rapidly-changing relationship between the individual and government! This all evolved from prayerful intention, getting out, and into Leadership Orange…Chester Kiwanis, Sugar Loaf Community Foundation, “Local” Chambers of Commerce and, of course, Oath Keepers!

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to Our Future Depends on Our “Local” Focus!

  1. Mike says:

    From a nation of free men we are becoming a nation of slaves. It’s Ok, just give them a little freedom, they just want to live in peace and enjoy our land of laws. Sound familiar to you? It should, it’s how evil operates. Just trust us, we mean u no harm. Do not be fooled. You know I may be paranoid, but that doesn’t mean they are not after me! Think my pacifist friends. Gays are thrown from buildings in Islam. Women stoned to death for being accused of infidelity. That is coming you nitwits. Yes I am angry. I have family who be here when I die. They will have what I had. I swear to God they will. We need to stand together and remove this cancer! Just read the papers and watch the videos that are out there. What more do you need??

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