The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ February 22, 1015


Pastor Tchividjian ~ The PC Cat has his tongue!

Pastor Tchividjian ~ The PC Cat has his tongue!

The “moral voice of the church is silent” today, said Barton, the founder of WallBuilders. He cited polling data indicating that while 97 percent of theologically conservative pastors say the Bible addresses divorce, abortion and homosexuality, “less than 10 percent say they’re willing to talk about those issues.” ~ David Barton

“The moral voice of the church is silent today” are the most frightening words any person could ever write, and any person faithful or otherwise, should ever have to read! But this is happening in America of all places. I’ve been writing about it on this blog for the past 7 years at least! The 42-year-old grandson of Billy Graham has taken over the helm of one of America’s greatest ministries and turned it into The Gospel of Political Correctness!

And Tchividjian rankled many when he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program that politically engaged evangelicals have tarnished Christianity’s reputation. “Over the course of the last 20 or 30 years,” he asserted, “evangelicalism, specifically their association with the religious right and conservative politics, has done more damage to the brand of Christianity than just about anything else.” Coral Ridge Pastor Tullian Tchividjian took over the pulpit after Dr. D. James Kennedy, who spent 47 years “urging Christians to discern between good and evil, pointed out the failings of the theory of evolution, affirmed the resurrection of Jesus and believed the church should be a social force in society, defending traditional marriage and opposing abortion”, passed away in 2007 and has made it a No Comment Zone”! Good Sunday Moring Dear Friend!

Church of the Blessed No Comment Zone

Europe or America? It’s difficult to say which of the two is the more dangerous place to live right now. Europeans have Putin on their northeastern border, and ISIS on their southeastern border. Americans, on the other hand, have a jihad-denying constitutional crisis in their own White House. I wonder what kind of odds the Las Vegas bookmakers are giving “freedom” right about now? Jews are probably safer in America, and Conservatives are probably safer in Europe…but on the whole…the world, I think, is on the brink of a very dark time indeed.

When good (moral virtue) is suppressed, bad (evil) is given wings. For the church to silence herself on the very matters she was formed for in the first place, it would be like Congress silencing itself on political issues! Some might even call that insane! But here we are…

… miles from where we started:

When clergyman William Gordon preached in support of the American Revolution on Sunday, Dec. 15, 1776, he declared “there are special times and seasons when it [the pulpit] may treat of politics.”

That enraged one of the “king’s friends,” who shot back, calling the sermon “daring and treasonable” and “audacious and wicked.”

“I most heartily wish, for the peace of America,” the loyalist complained, “that he and many others of his profession would confine themselves to gospel truths.”

The loyalist has certainly gotten his wish in Pastor Tchividjian and others like him. Some would argue this no comment zone has our good shepherds tongue-tied from the New York Office of the Archbishop to the Chair of St. Peter in Rome! How does the Holy See not see that as truth becomes silent and afraid, falsehood and deception grow loud and emboldened…

Silence is a weed that grows from the heart to strangle the tongue! It is slow and incremental death; stealing barely-perceptible pieces of turf…until one day, you wake up powerless with a boot on your neck! Think of the madness required to accept from our own DHS, that American Citizens who speak up in favor of our Founding Principles are a greater threat to the American homeland than ISIS! #WakeUpAmerica! #SpeakUpAmerica! And invite your pastors, priests and rabbis to do the same…or find a vocation they’d be better suited for! 😉

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