Giuliani’s Wake-up Call To End ALL Wake-up Calls!

"Threat to the Homeland"??

“Threat to the Homeland”??

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s controversial speech was portrayed by the press as the “Obama Doesn’t Love America” speech. But that was secondary! They missed the essence of his primary message, which was Don’t Give Madmen Nukes!” Period!!

Most Americans never got to hear this crucial message from “America’s Mayor” because the American Press is more concerned with protecting Obama than they are with informing and protecting Americans. But I heard it, and I encourage you to hear it and pass it on to every single person you know because it comes from a man whose leadership, as the leader of the world’s 3rd largest and most important city, was put to the toughest test imaginable on 9/11…a test he passed by every measure!

Rudy’s amazing speech to America is Vincent Vega in the Tarantino classic “Pulp Fiction” slamming the life-saving adrenaline injection straight into the heart of Mia Wallace! He begins his comments by calling the attention of his audience to images on a screen. They are the images of “loved ones” starting with the recent murder of Kayla Mueller and working backwards to the massacres in Paris, the attack at Ft. Hood, all the way back to the 354 fire-fighters he describes as “his” family, and the 2,753 innocent men, women and children slaughtered on 9/11 as “his” citizens, linking every single image to the two things that connect them all; Radical Islam…and the Terror-Sponsor-State of Iran!

This is where Mayor Giuliani does what the American Press has refused to do. He holds Obama accountable by passionately calling attention to the fact that we Americans have a President who refuses to identify and condemn Radical Islam, and is poised to bypass Congress to arm Iran’s “Madman” Ayatollah with nuclear weapons! By accurately pointing out Obama’s “12 Red Lines that have turned into 12 Pink Lines”, he draws one straight devastating line through history to connect the weakness of Neville Chamberlain in the face of Hitler to the weakness of Barack Obama in the face of Hitler’s reincarnation!

I have yet to read anything in print, see anything on TV, or hear of any report on the radio that confirms a single loss of life anywhere on earth as being attributed to “Climate Change”! And yet the White House has declared Climate Change a greater threat than ISIS! Really Mr. President? Have you seen the ISIS Weather Map lately??

God Bless Rudy Giuliani for his refreshing dose of straight talk at a time the American People are starving for it! We can only hope and pray that it inspires more people throughout our society to stand up wherever they are and speak out just as courageously, passionately and truthfully. Somebody at work asked me what set him off. I replied that I had no way of knowing other than to imagine that losing 10 close friends, 354 brave firefighters and 2,753 innocent citizens lowers your tolerance for those who capitulate with their killers and lie to their families!

I had a good friend and former Marine say to me just yesterday that he (Rudy) went too far. “It’s the Office of the President,” he exclaimed. “Yes, and the Office of the President is in uncharted waters”, I replied. To my mind the facts before us suggest that any semblance of the dignity, honor and respect that once commanded the space has been evicted by something extraordinarily lacking in these virtues; with designs and malicious intent that violate and threaten the Office itself, as well as the American People it was supposed to protect!

Take a good look at the ISIS Weather Map linked above. Do you see that speck of white in the sea of red? That my friends is our friend and ally Israel…surrounded by the savage fruit of Obama’s “Arab Spring”! Since when does the Office of the President turn on its friends and abet its enemies abroad? Since when does the Office of the President turn on the very people it was supposed to defend and protect at home? Conservative grandmothers and grandfathers waving the American flag are a threat to the homeland? In what demented universe?? Rudy insinuated that the office has been taken over by a “moron”…

“Negotiating with Iran is like playing poker with someone who has cheated you twice! Who does that? A Moron!!” ~ Rudy Giuliani

But is it a moron that turns on its friends and its own people. Is it a moron who tips off the enemy on its plans to retake Mosul and the whereabouts of its training camps, compromising and angering yet another on our withering vine of friends?? Or is it something far more treacherous…and literally unspeakable? #OpenYourEyes! #WakeUpAmerica! #StandUpAmerica! #SpeakOutAmerica!


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