Is the Internet Our “Canary in the Coal Mine”??

Judge Napolitano ~ The Last Gasp of Fresh Air in the Coal Mine??

Judge Napolitano ~ The Last Gasp of Fresh Air in the Coal Mine??

“Right now, the Internet is the freest marketplace of ideas and transfers of information that the world has ever known,” he said. “At least in the United States, it is utterly and totally – there are some minor exceptions – unregulated. Once these federal bureaucrats get their hands on it, give them a couple of years. It’ll look like broadcast television, a watered-down version of what we now have.” ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

Being married to a Liberal, I find myself torn when I hear one of the more popular descriptions of the (Liberal) condition (usually from my Conservative friends) as a mental disorder. As her husband, I want to defend her. As a moral person, it is becoming increasingly difficult. I am not alone. Many like me are caught in the most diabolical vice imaginable…forced to defend the indefensible. When, in truth, the real call of love is to do everything in your power to help those you love to the right side of history.

There will be a vote today on what is referred to as “Net Neutrality” by a commission of 5; three Democrats and two Republicans. What the proponents tout as “fair and equal access”, the opponents decry as “government control of public opinion”. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai calls it “a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist”, declaring that the crucial independence of his own agency has been compromised…as the FCC Chair refuses to appear before Congress! There are some who say the “fair and equal access” argument is as ridiculous and deceptive as the “Affordable Care Act”. They fear what will come to be known as the Obamanet! I say the Internet is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When it dies, we die. When there is no longer the free and open expression of ideas, opinions and speech, what is there to live for? And what else would you call the ideology which carried this to our doorstep, other than a “mental disorder”?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complained that “different media” are dividing the country, making it impossible for people to even have a conversation with each other, according to a Breitbart News that would no longer exist if Madam Benghazi gets her wish! So the world this woman who would be our next King has in mind for us is a world with one media to provide us with one view. Whew!! Judge Andrew Napolitano has it exactly right:

“Think about it,” he said. “You’re a commissioner on the FCC. You’re regulating telecoms and broadcast TV. Wouldn’t you like to regulate cable while you’re at it? Wouldn’t you like to regulate the Internet while you’re at it? It’s human nature when you have power to want to expand the power. That’s why we have a Constitution, to prevent these expansions of power.” 

Freedom lost is nothing more than a cascading series of unrealized gut-check opportunities. These are checkpoints on the road of life where minds un-afflicted with “mental disorder” are able to discern the danger ahead, and wisely choose another route. Without too much thought and effort, I’ve come up with a short list of Gut-Checks in the rear view mirror.

Gut-Check Opportunities past and present ~

  • When your President tells the same lie (If you like your doctors…) 27 times!
  • When you find yourself protesting cheek-to-cheek with Communists and Socialists at Class Warfare gigs with names like Occupy Wall Street and Peoples Climate March.
  •  When a racial extortionist (Al Sharpton) is given his own TV show, and becomes an “advisor” to the President of the United States.
  • When the people (Lois Lerner) who can put you in jail for not paying taxes claim “lost emails” are paid a $129,000 bonus for targeting Conservatives?
  • When JP Morgan institutes a “Negative Interest Rate” policy…on savings deposits!

Finally, for any of my Liberal friends reading these words…I graciously leave you with one last “gut-check opportunity” in a coal mine we now know to be inhabited by some very nasty black birds who sing “Allah Akbar” just before they slit your throat!

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” ~ Barack Obama in his own words from page 261 of his own book “The Audacity of Hope”.


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4 Responses to Is the Internet Our “Canary in the Coal Mine”??

  1. D. says:

    First, let me start by saying that I never try to defend my liberal friends or family when people bring out the truth, LOL. The Bible says, ” better an open rebuke then love hidden.” That is a radical description of love by today’s standards. I believe if my liberal love ones get their way that they will be very sorry as they don’t really understand the end-result of liberalism. I hope and pray that something will click with them. I also actively try to plant doubts in their mind when I see an opportunity to point something out, LOL. Ok, they may describe it as driving them crazy but if the Bible is true in the above stated quote it is my responsibility to bring that rebuke if I really love them. There is much counterfeit love out there now. Love that enables bad behavior or ignores something because of fear of conflict, or even for profit.
    Folks, I am screaming right now : Internet regulation will destroy freedom!

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