Geraldo to Republicans; “You gotta get with the program!”

"You gotta get with the program man!"

“You gotta get with the program man!”

All eyes were on the looming Congressional deadline (Midnight last night) to pass a DHS Funding Bill which, in addition to keeping the DHS doors open, also creates a pathway for this President’s illegal actions on Amnesty! Yesterday I listened to Geraldo trash Congressional Republicans as “knuckleheads” in this latest Potomac Two-Step, while giving Obama a complete pass. And yet it is Obama, not Republicans, who continues to make a mockery of our three-branch-system of government from his perpetual perch of arrogance above the American Rule of Law…because the American Press will not call him on it! As a result, illegitimacy now holds legitimacy hostage in America! Presidential disrespect of Congress is Presidential disrespect of the people! This is, by far, the worst Constitutional Crisis in American History. Where are the men? This is not what generations of the servicemen and women you claim to love fought and died for Geraldo. Where is your machismo? Where are your cajones?

Responding to a Conservative woman who called the show to politely point out that he accuses Conservatives of being anti-immigrant when, in fact, their frustration has far less to do with the immigrants here illegally, and far more to do with a President violating his oath and breaking our laws; Geraldo side-steps and condescendingly goes on to lecture the poor woman. Lumping abortion and same-sex-marriage together with amnesty, he chides all Republicans through the caller “You gotta get with the program!”

I swear I heard a million voices screaming “What program? Who’s program?” This was my “mental disorder” point on Thursday’s Shutupnsing. To Geraldo and the millions of Progressive Liberals like him; defending abortion, gay sex and illegal immigrants has become more important than the Constitutional Integrity of America! Their brains have become no-fly-zones for rational thought process. The entire world hinges on the emotion of their self-interest…their cause…their axe-to-grind. America had a “program” you fools…you squandered it!

Like the ISIS blade to the throat of decency, illegitimacy holds the legitimate hostage! Truth has become subordinate to your infantile Wants! This is the consequence that “getting with the program” of your mental disorder has wrought on civilization! The blood will be dripping from your manly hands Geraldo because you chose a liar to be your savior, and now you use your microphone to give the liar cover…as the world burns.

Tune in tomorrow to learn how the son of a Puerto Rican Catholic became a puppet for the State, lecturing us to “get with the program” he will sadly discover at his own Judgment, was really the Bergoglio-Kasper Plan…the “Abomination of Desolation”, otherwise known as if something appears too good to be true, it probably is!

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1 Response to Geraldo to Republicans; “You gotta get with the program!”

  1. mike says:

    OK briefly, in our world of info, which exists to the detriment of society, we are faced with a me 1st attitude. Knowledge and general info is easily attainable. Wisdom has been lost due to th internet. Now, I am not saying it is the center of evil. It is however the main reason for so much ignorance due to rapid responses, without thought, and foolish opinions by those without thought. Geraldo In this case falls into this abyss. He can sometimes be informed. he can sometimes be foolish. It is his way. I hope he gains the wisdom here to change his liberal mentality in this case. I shall say a pray and wait and see.

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