The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 1, 2015

The Devil's Chalk Dust!

The Devil’s Chalk Dust!

This plot, having taken over a century to unfold, requiring the cooperation of entire nation-states and their governments, along with the media, to prime the mass populace into denying marriage, family, and now even gender, and into embracing every possible perversion of sexuality as a “human right”, with the actual, true end goal being nothing less than the SYSTEMATIC DESECRATION OF THE EUCHARIST BY PRIESTS WITHIN THE MASS ITSELF is so diabolically brilliant that it can only be the product of an angelic intelligence. ~ Ann Barnhardt

Sometimes we just need to live long enough to see around the next bend. Like snapping out of a long-held illusion created by the technique known as anamorphosis, where we discover that our perception of those we thought were coming to save us is nothing more than the orchestrated illusion created by the well-placed pastel chalk dust of Barnhardt’s “angel”…the one who lives to confuse the mind, to dominate, control and enslave us all! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

“I Will Resist!”

I told you yesterday that I would explain how the son of a Puerto Rican Roman Catholic father and Jewish mother could grow up to become a Progressive Liberal Puppet for the State. What Ann lays out as “Plausible Hypothesis”, I know in my heart to be true. How do I know? Because I’ve danced with the “angel”, stared him in the eye, and steered clear of his lieutenants dutifully administering to the poisoning the minds of those seeking a “higher education” over the years…many of whom are people I grew up with…people I loved and considered friends! It is not by chance that their higher education led them away from God. Some took their new Progressive enlightenment to the courts as attorneys, some to the newspapers as journalists, some to the classrooms to poison more minds as teachers, and some…to the airwaves as talk-show hosts.

There is a political Tea Party to counter the political Liberal. If there were a theological Tea Party to counter the theological Liberal, its leader would have to be Cardinal Raymond “I Will Resist” Burke. The very same “angel” who has peppered our public education system with radical Marxists has been seasoning the ranks of the Catholic Priesthood for the past fifty years, as confirmed by Bella Dodd’s deathbed confession and repentance. The fruit of the former is the fundamental transformation of the United States of America by the Administration of its President. The fruit of the latter is the fundamental transformation of the Church by the Administration of its Pope (Bergoglio-Kasper Plan). Together they are the fruit cocktail of the “angel” in what Señor Jack Tollers of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires posits (last question of the interview!) as no less than the fundamental transformation of our world into one New World Order!

Please forgive me for working backwards, but Ann’s “Plausible Hypothesis” has developed in the most “you shall know them by their deeds”-remarkable and reverent fashion over the years, culminating around a very disturbing theft during part one of the Catholic Synod on Family…which was then astutely tied to the Tollers interview linked in the previous paragraph. In a Marxist nutshell, the Constitutional Crisis in the White House and the Catechismal Crisis in the Vatican are one and the same! It is not about welcoming and inclusiveness, or fairness and equality! It is about the betrayal of Christ through the desecration of the Eucharist by the priests themselves. It is the destruction of the Church!

Do not despair dear friend. Get up and eat…we’ve got some serious resisting to do! 🙂

The Liberals both in the Church and in politics have held sway for decades, and greatly resent the emergence of a young fresh challenge to their garbage and mind rot…Political Liberals have achieved their gains because Catholic Liberals assisted them greatly. And Catholic Liberals have been rewarded for their treason by Political Liberals. At the end of the day, there is no substantial difference between a Political Liberal and a Theological Liberal…they are each cut from the same cloth. ~ Michael Voris, Church Militant

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 1, 2015

  1. Burning Heart. Dread and hope. Fear into courage. I have become disturbed. Oh Lord help me draw ever more nigh to thee so I may more surely know thy voice to become ever more obedient to thy will. I will surely confess in my day of reckoning, “I am thine! ”

    John Gagne

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