Hillary the “Self-Server” in a Sea of Self-Servers!

The Self-Server ~ "What Difference Does it Make?"

The Self-Server ~ “What Difference Does it Make?”

It’s got to be the most perfectly appropriate headline of all time; “The Self-Server” under a photo of Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. The “Progressives” are in a psychotic tail spin as the Press attempts to spin and downplay the obvious. There is only one reason to go to the trouble and expense of installing your own personal home base email server, as Seth Mandel writes, “with latest revelations that for purposes of digital communication Hillary essentially ran her own parallel government…” you’ve got an entire government to hide!!!

How does Eric Holder perp-walk General Petraeus and Senator Menendez and let the “Queen Bee” slide on something far darker and more nefarious? Is there anything that could shatter any remaining “of the people, by the people, for the people” illusion more? I thought she was toast after Benghazi, but what did I know? Clearly my expectations and standards for those who serve in public office aren’t quite progressive enough!

But as Otis Day and the Knights bellowed in Animal House, Wait a minute…wait until the inquiring minds get to the other artful dodger on the Chappaqua server, Huma Abedin! Stop the presses boys and girls! Look at who we have here. It would appear that Islamic Royalty has metaphorically mated with our own Queen Bee…yes, these things are possible in the Never-Never Land of the Progressives! But whatever could have been her intent? Could this off the server tête-à-tête be linked to the otherwise inexplicable generosity of terror-sponsoring Arab States like Qatar pouring millions into the Clinton Foundation WHILE SHE SERVED YOU AND ME AS OUR SECRETARY OF STATE?????

Oh, I know, I know; “What difference does it make?” There we of the by and for the people go again, making mountains out of mole hills…

It should be interesting though, to see what “the committee” responsible for lifting the covers off this latest infestation of the political scum destroying our country does when it sees what it sees. Will it be the eyes of the people, who by the people will finally begin the long overdue process of fumigating OUR HOUSE for the people? Or will it simply be scum peering at scum?

#WakeUpAmerica! #StandUpAmerica! #SpeakOutAmerica! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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