The New Leader of the Free World!

The Leader of the Free World!

The Leader of the Free World!

What just happened? Did you feel what I felt under my feet this past Tuesday? It was far more than a tremor; it was a seismic shift on a fault line more significant than the San Andreas…the tectonic plates of human nature clashing in the twilight hour. We are at destiny’s doorstep…

While the empty shadow of deception cowered in the White House Situation Room, greatness commanded the center light in the hallowed House Chamber to address the American People…heart to heart. While the bitter narcissist hid from view, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the high ground on Capitol Hill to stake his claim as the undisputed leader of the free world. Forty standing ovations sent the message loud and clear. America loves Bibi Netanyahu the man!

What the Prime Minister found remarkable in the dust-up over a speech that hadn’t even been given yet, as he told his AIPAC audience the day before, I found even more fascinating in the response of his detractors both during and after. I wondered how my Liberal Jewish friends felt about themselves when the 86-year-old Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel managed to get himself front and center for one of the most important moments in American and Jewish History, and they couldn’t bother to turn on the TV! And then of course, we were all treated to Nancy Pelosi effectively demonstrating why she is the former House Speaker!

Benjamin Netanyahu is everything they are not, and they all hate him for it! From Obama to Pelosi and folks like Bill de Blasio and even Mika Brzezinski, the only thing “Progressives” hate more than freedom itself, are those who actually stand up and fight for it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person more self-entangled in despair over something so clearly honorable in my life! This, my friends, speaks volumes about who these people are and what you and I are up against!

“I’m more horrified about what happened in terms of the political destructiveness of it. The way Netanyahu used the Republicans, or they used him to undermine the Democrats and make the president look bad. And I thought it was a side show and a conversation that should be had in the White House. And between world leaders. And with the Republicans. But the way they used this platform was really disturbing. And disappointing.” ~ Mika Brzezinski*, from the network that brought you Al Sharpton! 🙂

Listening to Mika’s feeble attempt to paint Netanyahu’s speech as an exercise in “destructiveness” suggests to me that someone needs both a history and a geography lesson! Bibi himself provided the history lesson that sailed clean over Mika’s head at the very beginning of his speech. On the eve of Purim, he connected the Persian Potentate Haman’s plot to destroy the Jewish People, foiled by Queen Esther 2,500 years ago, to the Persian Potentate plotting the very same thing today; Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei. And he invoked the Biblical tie to Moses by calling attention to the bust of Moses on the Chamber wall opposite his spot at the podium at the very end! Freedom…

For the geography lesson, let’s go to the map of the region Bibi calls “home” today shall we?

The Map of Reality!

The Map of Reality!

It’s one thing to think of yourself as a leader standing on the sands of Martha’s Vineyard, golfing at Camp David, cowering in the Situation Room…or giving us leg on Morning Joe. It’s quite another to demonstrate leadership when you are defending your people on a tiny patch of white in a sea of red, surrounded by guns, rockets, mortars and the threat of nuclear missiles pointed at your head by those who’ve sworn to annihilate you!

Add to that, the devastating absence (and worse) of leadership in the Church itself when the Vicar’s voice excuses and defends the very same Evil! Whatever remains of freedom in our world, there is only one “head of state” that I see standing on the world stage to defend her. God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu! And may God deliver us from the grip of her enemies! Amen…

* Mika’s hatred for Netanyahu is inherited…her father is one of the architects of the “Arab Spring” responsible for the Map above!!

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7 Responses to The New Leader of the Free World!

  1. ea says:

    It makes me crack up to think that they think we need anyone to “make B.O. and the Obamacrats look bad.”

  2. Chip Murray says:

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Thanks Ann!)

  3. Paul Laux says:

    Hi Chipo,
    In the wake of this man of integrity’s address to the U.S. congress, I could not help remembering that a few weeks past, we marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the many death camps that had been set up, primarily for the Jews. Extinction of they, as a people, was the goal of the Nazi regime. Really not that long ago. They survived and were restored to their homeland and they flourish today. Not very far away is a regime with the same demonic spirit of extinction of these people who are the apple of God’s eye. In Genesis 3:15, The Father of light, life and truth tells us that He will put enmity between Satan and the woman (Israel). He performed this with the birth of Jesus through the Jewish line. The haters of Netanyahu who decry the possession of the Jews in the land that God promised to them forever, are clueless as to whom they really reject. But we know who that is, don’t we? And that is why, dear friend Chipo, their spirits are in an uproar over this true new leader of the free world. As long as he holds the position, Israel will be defended from those who seek it’s destruction. The devil and the useful idiots that follow him (and we heard from several this week) are not happy……

  4. Chip Murray says:

    So well said, you brought a tear to my eye brother Paulo!

  5. mike says:

    I completely agree! Our leaders are socialists to the letter. If you just listen to me all will be better. Sound familiar. POTUS is a lover of Islam over Christianity and Judea values. The sooner everyone stops believing all the BS spread by all the groups pretending to be for Muslim American relations, the sooner we can defeat them. I am sorry but the evil will overshadow the ” moderate Muslims”. I have seen the propaganda films the Nazis used to convince the world that Hitler and his party were just great leaders. The truth, now this is pre-war, is that thousands were jailed, killed or tortured. All anyone saw at the 1936 Olympics was the wonderful happy people. All the signs of evil were removed prior to the start of the games. You know, BS! So today we are faced again by a people who wish to rule the world in their perverted mentality. As a student of history and military pasts, I assure those who doubt this that they are woefully wrong. I know what socialism has done to our land over the last 100 years. Socialism sounds great, but the reality is it never works. Example: USSR. Please read socialist books and see if what is happening is not what they want. We are for individual rights, GOD given rights. The government never gave anybody anything. There is always a fee. Now it’s our way of life. Think, if prostitution and marriage are on the same level, then you do away with the family as a nucleus of society. Socialism! Ever see ” Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”? Congress actually prays before starting its session. DO we still pray today? Socialism! Socialists are the main cause for our view with regards to Islam. Yes we can all get along. How STUPID! See it, fight it! Your future generations depend on us. I for one will help stop Islam from spreading, in its ever moving attempt to change our country into a Muslim land with no freedoms. Yes, NO FREEDOM! I will fight and die an AMERICAN ROMAN CATHOLIC. This is not a rant, it is frustration with politicians who are more concerned with themselves and not the people. As for POTUS, he is just a socialist who is a Muslim. Just like his father. I will run for office at some point soon. Maybe it is crazy, but it is up to us to stop this madness. Hey Bibi did it.

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