For Your Grandkids!

Who We Are Not

Who We Are Not

“As happens with someone of my age, the future seems to be foreshortening and yet it remains the remarkable mystery it’s always been.  We can’t help ourselves: we dream about, wonder about, and predict what the future might hold in store for us.  It’s an urge that, I suspect, is hardwired into us.  Yet, curiously enough, we’re regularly wrong in the futures we dream up. Every now and then, though, you peer ahead and see something that proves — thanks to your perceptiveness or pure dumb luck (there’s no way to know which) — eerily on target.” ~ Everybody’s Grandpa Tom, “Apologies to a Grandson”

I can’t believe how lucky I have been to live the life I’ve lived. If I were to drop dead tomorrow, my last conscious thought would be one of gratitude. To have lived most of my 61 years as a free man blessed with friends, family, opportunities and experiences that most of the world’s population couldn’t dare to imagine is wonderful and sad at the same time. It’s wonderful because of the kind of place America used to be to have allowed so many like me to live the lives we’ve lived. It’s sad because that America has tragically disappeared, and some would argue only remains to the few of us too stubborn to let go of her memory!

I came across the sentiment of Grandpa Tom at Zerohedge and was struck by the spirit of the author who ironically confessed his own non-spirituality in his Libertarian apology-rant against the machine. Reading Tom, I realized that other than our assessment of the current mess and the sense to know we owe our grandchildren an apology, I had a slightly different take on who we are and how we got here.

The America I grew up in is an exceptional place created by exceptional people for the most exceptional people in the history of the world, We the People! Libertarians could not have created America because they don’t believe in glue. And Liberals could not have created America because they believe in crazy-glue. But our Founders, who happened to be profoundly spiritual, believed in the super-glue of Judeo-Christian Morality and fashioned us accordingly!

Western Civilization is in flames not because we hired Bush or Obama, but because we fired God and subordinated our individual sovereignty and God-given rights to immoral sociopaths. The flames began in Europe where the sociopaths in Brussels turned localism into regionalism and churches into museums. And now our sociopaths would have us drink from the same well…after stealing the memory of who we are.

A friend in the Liberty Movement called me an optimist last night. I am an optimist because I know who we are. We are exceptional because we believe that exceptionalism lives at the local level. And yet America has been lulled into a “trance” whereby she is being lured and manipulated away from herself to the false promise of something…better? Well, as my friend John says, it’s time to “Shatter America’s Trance”!  Join us this Thursday if you live in Orange County, New York  “Regionalism vs Localism” and on May 16 if you live in Rockland County, New York “Regionalism in the State of New York”!  And never be afraid to show a little Faith…for your Grandkids!

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