One Nation Under Extortion…Be Not Afraid! Be Not Blind! Be Prepared!

Know the Wolf!

Know the Wolf!

Nothing like an AGDPR (Abysmal GDP Report) to add some fuel to the Jarrett-Obama-Holder Fires that are beginning to turn our urban night skies red…As the OPP (Oligarch Printing Press) spins into hyper-drive! Yesterday an entire high-rise in Fort Lee was evacuated because of a bomb threat to the firm Telemundo. Everyone’s nerves are on edge! We are as ripe as a Georgia Peach in Mid-August for what they have planned for us!

I intentionally placed be not afraid before be not blind and even be prepared for very good reason. Fear is the first thing any predator looks for in its prey. The wolves are in place and circling. They are sensing fear and relying on confusion…the very two things we can never give them. As intimidating as a wolf pack can be; the Black Guerilla Family, the Bloods, the Crips, the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers are all focused on the jugular of America, WE must be not Afraid! The most important thing for us to realize in our hearts and minds is that the thug on top of the car in the Daily News photo gets his courage from the pack behind him…much the same as Obama gets his courage from his handlers and the media. If you or I were to single them out and confront them individually, they would pee their pants…trust me! We need to be the Baltimore Mom whose individual display of courage and fearlessness went viral!

Next, we need to be not blind to the events around us. We need to see and understand the tweet that attacked Whole Foods for “Feeding the Oppressor” by donating sandwiches to the National Guard, to know what is truly behind these orchestrated events and who we are really dealing with. Once we know who they are, we might consider the warnings from those they have told us not to listen to. You be the judge, but Barnhardt’s predictions (1-8) have been on the mark so far:

  1. Reformation of the islamic Caliphate facilitated by the Washington DC regime.
  2. Total economic war executed by the Washington DC regime against the American people, specifically the Cloward-Piven Strategy, namely driving as many people as possible out of work and onto the welfare rolls in order to collapse the system.
  3. Severe price inflation, especially for food.
  4. Nationalization of healthcare delivery for the purposes of controlling and coercing the masses.
  5. Dissolving the Mexican border in order to bring in millions of socialist Latin Americans in order to help overwhelm the welfare system, corrupt the electoral process where it still possessed integrity, and to provide a means for soldiers of the Caliphate to invade and colonize the former United States.
  6. Criminalization of Christianity.
  7. Race riots/ defacto civil war with every urban area becoming its own discrete theater.
  8. Complete evanesence of the Rule of Law and the ascendancy of a tyrannical, kleptocratic oligarchy.
  9. Nuclear war centered on Israel.
  10. Obama being assassinated by his own people in order to seize total power – the ultimate Reichstag Fire.
  11. People’s Liberation Army (Red China) boots on the ground on the North American landmass, probably under the guise of “peacekeeping”.

His (Matt Bracken) belief that it will all begin with the rejection of EBT Foodstamps cards is, I think, spot-on.

  • Next comes the urban riots.
  • Then comes the rioters spilling into the suburbs.
  • Then comes full-blown chaos when the rioters realize that the cops alone can’t contain them.
  • Then come the beatings, rapes and murders. In the open. In broad daylight. At heavily trafficked intersections.
  • Then comes the militia, which is what I intend to do when shizz gets real. That has been my intention all along, since the fall of 2008 when I knew that collapse and civil war was an inevitability.

Now here is where the be prepared part comes in…are you?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to One Nation Under Extortion…Be Not Afraid! Be Not Blind! Be Prepared!

  1. John Anthony says:

    Frightening, but plausible and edging toward likely.

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