What Comes Next?

“James, earn this…earn it.”

Saving Private Ryan is one of the best war movies of all time. I have to say that thinking about Captain Miller’s dying “James, earn this…earn it.” request to Private Ryan, leaves me wondering more and more on every Memorial Day what any of us are prepared to do. Will remembering Private Ryan actually be tougher than saving him?

“Superficial” was the word I heard more than once yesterday, used to describe our modern-day tributes to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for this country. Behind the façade of parades, flags and wreath-laying, is the darker reality of forgotten veterans languishing in a broken VA system inside a lost and broken America.

“What does America stand for?” That was the question at the heart of book on Obama’s Foreign Policy I heard the author discussing on Bloomberg…or maybe it was Charlie Rose. How is it even possible to ask the question with the thousands upon thousands of white crosses in the hallowed grounds at Normandy?

And yet the provocative title of Conservative author Ann Coulter’s new book “Adios America” suggests that enough of us either don’t know the answer to the question, or worse…we no longer care. Which would of course mean that the Captain Millers and all those before him, took the bullet for absolutely nothing? I don’t think so!

I do believe there are those in power who want us to think so. They count on our demoralization. They are even placing their bets. Is the man who sacked the £ about to break the $?? “The European Union was a very inspiring idea to people like me,” he commented, reflecting back to when EU economies were more balanced. “It was the embodiment of the idea of an open society, like minded countries getting together and sacrificing part of their sovereignty for the common good.  It was meant to be a voluntary association of equals.” ~ George Soros, a Nazi errand boy in his youth…now the Left’s Dudley Do-Right! It sure seems like the uncommon few have been turning quite the profit “fighting” for the common good, eh?

“Open society”, “like minded countries”, “getting together”, “common good”…these are all terms that suggest the very opposite of what is actually happening as a direct result of Progressive Elites forcing their will against the natural order! If one swears off the Kool-Aid and steps back to look at our disastrous Foreign Policy and Immigration Policy in a world where memories of honor give way to allegiances forged in Hell, you can actually catch them in the act of destroying what they intend to re-create…in their own image! Call me old-fashioned, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the dying Capt. Miller meant when he asked Ryan to make it count with his last dying breath!

What comes next depends on us. The purpose of demoralization is to cause people to lose heart, give up and eventually submit. Some of the Oath Keeper Chapters in the North East say their ranks thinned as a result of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attempt to marginalize the organization by officially labeling them as “Right Wing Extremists” and a possible domestic terror threat! I wonder which ones Capt. Miller would have seen as the true terrorists…

What comes next, is we need to re-focus our attention and efforts locally. The only antidote to “allegiances forged in Hell” are stronger allegiances forged from the inside out. Starting at home, and working our way out to our neighborhoods, villages, towns and counties…we need to counter the Progressive “Smart Growth” with good old fashioned Captain Miller brand 100% Grade A Individual “Heart Growth”! We begin by telling folks like Soros that they are free to “sacrifice part of their sovereignty” and stick their own “common good” some place where the sun don’t shine! We’ll be holding on to ours…and making it count!

Yesterday we hugged our heroes. Today and tomorrow we need to hug our neighbors, get reacquainted and do what God gave us the courage and the freedom to do! It’s in our DNA!  And “Just When You Think”…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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