“A Soldier Died Today”

Freedom's Best Friend!

Freedom’s Best Friend!

My friend and Veteran Marty sent me this remarkably poignant reading of A Soldier Died Today by Tony Lo Bianco, who I love for doing this! What is remarkable about this poem is how perfectly the author contrasts our soldiers with our politicians…at the very time the politicians are denigrating our Iraqi War Veterans!

I pray for you to think long and hard about something as you watch this amazing tribute. America is about this precious thing called freedom. While the politicians are searching for the cameras today, our veterans are simply looking for a hug. I’d say we owe them that and then some. After all, as the poem so properly points out, they gave all the guts while our “representatives” got all the glory!

But what I never thought about until this very moment is how these brave and mostly underappreciated souls have fought and died to protect what the politicians have been stealing from us in the most cunning ways for years…under the guise of things like the “common good”, and “fighting for the middle class”. All I know is this; Heaven loves the soldier, and Hell has a special place for the other…God Bless America!

Please enjoy http://www.justacommonsoldier.com/

Because, at the end of the day, it is ALL about “Freedom”!

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