The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ June 28, 2015

A "Rose" by any other name...

A “Rose” by any other name…

“Intellectual and moral confusion of such magnitude is a judgment on the ecclesial culture that produced it and the popular culture that consents to it.” ~ Maureen Mullarkey on the 1st Eco-Pope’s Eco-encyclical

So we are living and dying in interesting times, are we not? The living part in some respects, for most of Western Civilization, seems modeled after the movie Animal House…Toga, anyone? Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief…we are all living our “selfie” lives, are we not? I was talking to a friend last night about a mutual friend’s son who became a Buddhist monk at the Kadampa Temple I used to go to, and we discovered we share the same take on Buddhism. It’s really about “self”…which seems opposite of how it’s portrayed, but it’s true. I really don’t mean to be critical of anyone’s spiritual path here. How could I criticize a path I’ve walked myself? It’s just an honest observation from my own experience (a good friend happened to share)…and who could blame anyone for wanting to disengage from a world that has so clearly gone mad? How else would you describe a world in which the entire body politic has morphed into one almighty Caesar who has outlawed Truth, and retained the Vicar of Christ to do his earthly bidding and sell his earthly lies? No, good God NO…enough on living! Tell me what is there to die for? Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

To Die For

To get into dying, we need to first examine two very important questions;

  • What do we fear most about dying?
  • What do we hate most about living?

The answer to the 1st question, which also happens to be a foundational element of Buddhism, can be described in a word…attachment. The answer to the second question is a little more complicated for a number of reasons. Most all people are afraid of dying, whereas the reverse is basically true for those who hate living. And the experience of living is far more subjective than the perception of dying. One can feel a slave to one’s job, as one can feel free in prison. Think “Shawshank Redemption”, state-of-mind, no?

What it all boils down to and distilled to in its purest essence for me personally and most of the people I’ve come to admire and respect most, in a word…tyranny. What is beautiful about this realization is that it breathes the refreshing air of purpose into living in perfect proportion to the fear it extracts from the idea of dying. I can honestly say that I live and die with total equanimity to stop tyranny and those who deal it!

This of course begs the next question. How will I know tyranny and recognize the tyrant when I see them? That is even simpler still. All we need to do here is follow the liars and those who choose to follow them to what and who they are lying to protect. Take for example the idea that the exact same crimes and speech that have been carried down through the ages, are now suddenly being redefined (for our own good mind you) and repackaged as “hate crime” and “hate speech”. I find that particularly fascinating for the same reason my heart knows that love and compassion are impossible to legislate. They have always been and they shall always be flowers of the heart alone! Look into the eyes of any man or woman who attempts to sell or tell you otherwise and you are seeing the tyrant or a disciple of the same!

Finally, the one character missing in the rich man, poor man roll call above. What about the clergy man? Can you somehow hitch a ride with the omniscient mind this Sunday Morning to be in every church pew across America as the brave and courageous ranks of American clergy discuss the aftermath of the latest in a fascinating parade of lock-step encyclicals, this one from the SCOTUS? 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ June 28, 2015

  1. mtdburnett says:

    Good morning Chip. You wouldn’t believe the intensity of this wx overhead Houston G Bush right now. We are stuck at the gate pondering nature’s fury.


  2. D says:

    Life & death are excellent topics for a Sunday column! These are both central topics with spiritual content. It is the core belief of secular humanists that this is not the case. The other side believes it is merely a physical process controlled by the network of DNA sequences carrying out what is hardwired into us. This illusion allows for multiple ways of living, defending on what we feel like, ascribes responsibility for our actions away from ourselves in a sort of “hot potato” game of life!

    This week while returning some overdue books for my husband to the library, I ran into two typical identity diffuse Catholics. I was acquainted with these people from a past ineffective political group. You may not be surprised to hear that this group also suffered from an identity disorder. These people had some religious beliefs which propelled them to effect the public realm.

    Great right!? Wrong, because SOME RELIGIOUS BELIEFS are not enough. Our core spiritual beliefs will be put to the test when we enter the public arena. Putting two and two together then, why have we had so many political failures this week? Why are we losing the war in the schools and universities? In towns meetings, state and federal legislatures? It is because we are not prepared and we do not prepare our children. We are a lot like those people I meet outside my local library. I spoke to them for an hour. They are in their sixties and do not know the meaning of life. They are kinda sure that God exists but, she feels that wasn’t enough to stop her from being a shopaholic, and he still has doubts because of all those NY Times best-selling books he reads.

    2Peter1:5-8 tells us to add to our faith quite a few things, among them moral excellence, knowledge, self-control. Peter who had become a shepherd of the flock was dealing with a lot of stagnancy in the Church. He was exhorting people to positive growth in the “Body of Christ.” We need to think about this. We have to begin as Chip says by going to Church and make it a Church with the spirit of Peter in that second letter. Or, pick up the Bible today and read Second Peter. Then read another Chapter tomorrow. This is a beginning, just like today is the beginning of a new week. If the moral defeats this past week dismay you, make your upcoming week a new beginning in your life.

  3. D says:

    Thank you Chip. Me go away? Well, I relate to Jesus when he prayed that this cup might pass. As you know, I have a passion that burns within me for the issues at hand. Sometimes I wish that I could shut that off but I always recommit to the mission I have been given in life. Is that what we all feel who read this column? Is that what you mean when you say “shutupnsing” ?
    Do you ever need a guest writer while you are on vacation “D” is available. After all, my comments are way too long. We need to do something with me. Advisory Board? You mentioned bear mamas a while back. How to do that? Let’s all stay connected and committed.

  4. Chip says:

    Always D! Do yourself a huge favor and watch Stewart Rhodes address NY Oath Keepers from his introduction at the 42 minute mark (30 minutes long) You will not be disappointed!

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