The Rudest Awakening of Them All!

Getting Inside The Liberal Mind

Getting Inside The Liberal Mind

God I pray I’m around when the greatest punchline of all time is finally delivered. I read this perfect take from Maureen Mullarkey on our new Eco-Pope: “Intellectual and moral confusion of such magnitude is a judgment on the ecclesial culture that produced it and the popular culture that consents to it.”…and I thought, this is a ribbon of vernacular eloquence we could also use to tie around the SCOTUS Encyclicals on Obamacare and Same-Sex-Marriage! To fathom the convoluted labyrinth of the Liberal Mind in the attempt to see the world through their eyes…to understand how they see themselves somehow winning in the wake of all this, is more than stunning. It’s hilarious! Let me count the ways…

…like a jihadist bomb-making instructor detonating himself and his class.

…like a baby seal inviting a Great White Shark to his/her first dance recital.

They are the ultimate Wiley Coyote up against the Law of Nature’s Roadrunner! Except in real life, you and I are the ones who get blown up and perish as the result of their schemes. It’s the Liberal Mind of Geraldo complaining about his “unfair” tax burden, completely disassociating itself from the very source of the high taxes it empowered!

I read this letter to the editor in our local paper from a woman complaining about the lack of etiquette (mild road-rage) she witnessed in another motorist. My on-line comment to her letter was as follows, Expect much worse in the times ahead B. Allen. We are living in an unprecedented era of man’s war on truth, natural law and order. What you experienced is a slight ripple compared to the wave that is coming our way…

What they seem yet to have fathomed was best expressed in Scalia’s Obamacare dissent, “Words no longer have meaning.” I mean I’m assuming the Liberal Mind will continue procreating to make little liberal minds, which leads of course to parenting. Well how in the world does it see itself parenting in a world where words no longer have meaning? It would make great reality TV.

Talk about unintended consequences, look what decades of Liberalism has done to California’s water resources!! The California Dust Bowl! Tax and Spend, Cradle to Grave has turned the Euro-zone into the never-ending Greek Groundhog Day! The Crisis that will not die! And they want to bring it here! ISIS is running out of people to kill in the Middle East, sharpening its swords for French & Italian necks while the world stumbles into the brink of WW3; but the California Smelt will get all it needs to drink, Johnny can marry Joey, and the Pope has taken the bold step of excommunicating fossil fuels!

It’s as if the Liberal Mind has convinced itself that as long as it can get nine out of ten people in a burning building to deny there’s a fire, then the fire doesn’t matter…even as its physical host is being consumed by the flames. When the Normal Mind feels the flame, it pulls the hand away. The Liberal Mind doubles down (think 2012).The Liberal Mind is the Holocaust Denier in reverse. It denies the existence of the very evil that brought it to the showers. Think about the power of the grip this mind has on its host, and it’s much easier to… “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

I met Stewart Rhodes at the New York State Oath Keepers 1st Annual Awards Dinner in Albany last night. His message was strong, powerful and best illustrated in his praise of Bob Schultz, the recipient of top honors for his Constitutional Activism and devotion to the Liberty Movement here in New York. Bob spent hours upon hours meeting with and talking to the young men and women of the Occupy Wall Street movement, reaching into the Liberal Mind to turn on the light switch of our Constitution and Founding Principles…thus saving a few from the ultimate rude awakening.

That is the mind we need to have in this double down on insanity environment. They want a race war. They want Conservatives and Liberals tearing each other’s hearts out! Wouldn’t it be better for our Liberal friends and neighbors to experience the rude awakening before they realize there’s no water in the showers? More on that tomorrow…

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