From “Greatest Generation” to the Generation of Head-fakes & Cowards

Do you even have a

Do you even have a “last straw”?

“We can’t blame these manipulators for everything. Ultimately we all have free choice. Plainly seeing what’s right in front of our noses, no matter how well sold or disguised, is our human responsibility. That people would relinquish this innate right and capability totally escapes me.” ~ Zen Gardener, Why Do We Ignore The Obvious?

I’ve been having some very powerful dreams lately. One in particular, comes to mind from a couple of weeks ago. I dreamt that I (in human form) had an up-close and personal contact with a family of lions. Unfortunately I did not make notes that morning after waking up, so all I can remember is that it was not a contact of chance, but one of intention and purpose…and it was friendly and non-threatening. (They) were trying to tell me something…

Everything that inspired me in the “Greatest Generation”, I find sorely lacking in the generations that followed them. They stood on principle…we stand on line for concert tickets. They worked hard, sacrificed, thanked God for what they had, and gave their all asking for little in return. We avoid hard work, look out for ourselves, blame the world and feel entitled to more than we are willing to work for. They spoke directly, held people accountable and were willing to fight for what they believed. We speak in circles to avoid controversy, afraid of our own shadows.

I had a boss once who used the term “head-fake” from his college football days, to illustrate how easy it is to fool ourselves into thinking we’re moving ahead when in reality we’re drifting sideways, or falling behind. He used the term to highlight the importance of “productivity”. Sam and Dave both went to work in the same office at the same job at 7am and returned home at 6pm. Sam made 150 calls, booked 10 appointments and closed 2 deals. Dave made a few calls, spent a few hours posting on social media sites, answering emails, and moving papers around. They both went to work, but Sam actually worked while Dave “head-faked” himself into thinking he was working.

Now let’s look at the “head-fake” another way. Let’s change the paradigm in order to highlight the importance of “sanity” in place of productivity. Sam and Dave both go to work in the same office at the same job on the same passenger ship. Sam made the same 150 calls, booked the same 10 appointments and closed the same 2 deals. Dave made the same few (SOS) calls, spent the same few hours posting (longitude and latitude coordinates) on social media sites, answering the same (distress) emails and turned the papers into life boats…which saved 2,223 lives…on the SS Titanic! Who’s Mr. Head-fake now? I think Sam was still booking appointments as the last bit of stern sank beneath the waves.

Many, if not most of us know by now that these people aren’t who they pretend to be. We know the Clintons are nothing more than extremely powerful criminals. We know the President is a puppet for extremely powerful ($$) interests diametrically opposed to ours. We know this Congress has been bought and paid for, and that there’s a better chance of waking up on Pluto tomorrow, than the chance of 9 black robes holding up the law…instead of submitting to those who have stolen it! We know the Southern Poverty Law Center to be Marxist thugs who target patriotic Americans. We know that the new corporate mission of diversity and inclusion is not about diversity and inclusion at all. And finally, we knew that they would not stop at the Confederate Flag… because we’ve known from the beginning what they are truly after!  But we also know that they know we are the generation of gutless head-fakes and moral cowards! Play it again Sam! One last time for old times sake

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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