Evil Remains Unaccountable in Charleston

What he does best...the most powerful man in the world, accountable for absolutely nothing!

What he does best…the most powerful man in the world, accountable for absolutely nothing!

From the 30,000-foot-view we can see that this great ascendancy of evil had to be expected. The divorce of the State from the Church, the twisted philosophical view of man, the distorted view of man himself as a totally free and liberated agent — these are just large principles of the evil that was to come when they were applied in the specific…They resulted in an atmosphere being created where life would be centered around man, not God, where man is not only free to reject God (which has always been the case since Eden), but where that rejection was lifted up and applauded and enshrined in law as a natural good. From those rejections came further rejections and even further rejections. This has been the case since before the French Revolution, and has accelerated greatly in our day. ~ Michael Voris

Tens of thousands of people marching in Charleston over the weekend to protest “hate” and promote “healing” in the wake of Evil’s most recent manifestation is a welcome contrast to those who rioted in Ferguson and Baltimore to fuel “hate” and infect the wounded soul of America! Sadly, the fleeting glimpse of brotherly gestures and well-intentioned catch phrases will fade into our dreaded anticipation of the next horror…for one very simple reason. Evil remains unaccountable in Charleston and everywhere else on earth for that matter! Evil, as Voris points out, is in its “great ascendancy” precisely because the Church has surrendered the task of holding it down!

When Obama and the media that covers him see a racist behind every tree, then the American people will only see the same racists behind the same trees. I guarantee you that Dylann Roof is the intended consequence of six and a half years of incendiary rhetoric oozing toxic slime from this President and his Attorney General for the express purpose of ginning up the masses into the boiling cauldron of anger, hatred, envy and resentment we have become! The Church has yet to bury the dead before her most powerful enemy, Evil’s greatest earthly host, shows up to point fingers and lay blame! And not a single voice in the Press questions how the man who refuses to utter the words “radical islam” manages the word “Nigger” with such effortless flair…

Shakespeare points to the guilty from his grave, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” But the Great Deceiver would have us chasing our inanimate tails instead. While Evil remains free to decimate humanity and devour souls, Obama and the pathetic field of weak-kneed politicians are leading the charge on guns and flags!

And the tens of thousands who showed up with their signs to give “Hate” a piece of their mind, are back to their smart phones, TVs and computer games, living the exact same lives they lived before Dylann showed his face…dancing to the beat of the 24/7 Cable feed. And so the shadow grows ever closer to our own doors. What we refuse to see, confront and hold accountable from far away is drawn closer by the day…the engraved invitation of our willful acquiescence.

“Ben Hubbard of the New York Times writes of the Islamic State, or ISIS, that ‘…the group is offering reliable, if harsh, security; providing jobs in decimated economics; and providing a rare sense of order in a region overwhelmed by conflict.’ This summary of ISIS and their good deeds sounds eerily similar (and just as disgusting) to the accolades bestowed upon Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party before — and even after — the Second World War and the Holocaust.” ~ Pamela Geller

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    Thank you for your perspectives . . .

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