Happy Self-Delusion Day!



I realized something at the 1st Annual Murray Reunion in Syracuse, NY yesterday. Celebrating my heritage as a descendant of our 4th great grandfather Andrew Murray with cousins, aunts & uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents and grandchildren, as my cousin Steve literally put us on the path and in their footsteps from there to here, I realized something remarkable & profound. Looking back into their faces and their stories to rediscover who they were and what they lived for, spoke to me more clearly than any living person ever has!

Today is the national holiday here in America we celebrate as our “Independence Day” as we always have…each and every year. It’s like our birthday. We celebrate that each and every year too…until the day we die. What struck me so powerfully in the fellowship hall of St. Paul’s yesterday, is that the America Andrew Murray enlisted to fight for in 1776 along with every one of his descendants who lived, fought and died for, is dead. Not different…not fundamentally transformed…not even dying, NO! Stone cold DEAD as the proverbial door nail! Imagine the dead calling out from the grave to awaken the living, because they are…trust me!

It’s one thing to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday knowing he is in fact dead. It’s quite another, and a little creepishly macabre, to celebrate the 4th of July as if America were still alive! I imagine the sadistic satisfaction in the black heart of Obama watching us pretend today, much the same as the Japanese Commandant must have relished his power over the POW’s during their “theatrical productions” on weekly entertainment night an entire lifetime ago.

The worst of it is the appalling lack of dignity in the charade. The POW’s knew they were prisoners. For them, entertainment night was an oasis, a taste of home in the depths of hell for them to reach, for just enough sustenance to survive the next round of torture and beatings. America is the corpse of Ambassador Stevens tortured to death and then sodomized after he is dead by the one who has made a complete and total mockery of us from the day he seized power in 2008. From the moment he returned the bust of Churchill to the moment he disdainfully conceived the notion to replace Hamilton (of all the Founders) with a woman’s image. Why not? It’s no major feat at all for the tyrant who dares to replace God’s image with his own! He mocks, pokes and enslaves we celebrating fools with every destructive and deadly stroke of his pen. And what say we? “Thank you sir, may we have another?”

Party hearty dear friends and neighbors…love those dogs and burgers underneath the rockets’ red glare…another year to come and go. I for one, along with those and everything I am loyal to can pretend no longer. From this moment on I write what I know to be my eventual death warrant, rather than perpetuate a fool’s folly. But never, mind you, with a wisp of woe-is-me. I can only follow with extraordinary sense of purpose, where the light of conscience leads …even to my own end. And to you along the river bank who cannot see beyond the bend, all you have to lose, you are holding in your hand. But all you have to live for…may never pass this way again.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to Happy Self-Delusion Day!

  1. mike says:

    First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! While your analogy has some value, I must compare us to them. Yes the founders are dead. Physically. But those of us here today will, as they did rise from the dead just as they did against England. It took years to finally get the courage and find the determination for them to rise and fight. We are almost there. I trust the start will come after 2016 election. No matter who wins, the people will experience even more distress due to the socialism of Obama and his ultra liberals. Then Americans, seeing how most of his policies are destroying our homeland, like Immigration, school lunch programs, welfare, refugees from Muslim lands, etc., the uprising, while legal, will force state and congressional leaders to get off their asses and take our country back across the divide socialism and Obama’s people have magnified. It is not a dream it will happen. Have faith in God, not Allah or Obama. The falsehoods they say time after time will be seen as what they are. LIES! We will overcome them as Christians have for centuries. All Americans will stop this and those socialists will whiter away like the weeds they are. It will be a tough fight. We have had many in our history. This is just one more we will conquer. Be vigilant fellow Americans and defend those who are dead. They deserve our loyalty and our determination. Don’t they?

  2. D says:

    It is important to state the truth about America. The main reason people do not change is denial of the truth. An example might be an individual who refuses to stop drinking because they just don’t think that have a problem. What about a person who loses a job because of an anger problem and blamed it on the boss. Right now, Americans are no different from the above cases. Looking to mitigate or deny the truth because they can’t or won’t face the truth.

    The first and the most important step to change is facing the truth. This is also the hardest part of the whole change process. The part that keeps you up at night and makes you cry a lot. Freud said that we avoid pain by running away from it and seeking pleasure instead, “the pleasure principle.” How well that describes America at this moment.

    I told a friend when we were discussing Chip’s column that he is a sort of modern day town crier. I believe that is what is needed right now in America.

  3. D says:

    Question Mark and the Mysterions song “96 Tears” was a metaphor. Hum, very interesting.

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