The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 5, 2015

Beware the Left Wind's Fisher of Men

The Fisher of Men

…if, in administering public affairs, it [government] is wont to put God aside, and show no solicitude for the upholding of moral law, it deflects woefully from its right course and from the injunctions of nature; nor should it be accounted as a society or a community of men, but only as the deceitful imitation or appearance of a society. ~ Pope Leo Xlll

I always thought, having been a nautical soul in a past life, it was the North Winds we had most to fear. But I am convinced, having sailed the seven seas, there is a wind which brings a far greater threat to man on land and sea than all the North Winds combined. The Left Winds bring more death and destruction than the North Winds ever dreamed because they carry diseases of the mind, invited in on the cool breezes that precede them. Mariners who made ports safely for centuries by sextant and the one North Star, suddenly find themselves hopelessly lost at sea, scuttled and splintered at the mercy of treacherous reefs and worse because all stars became the same to their diseased minds…True North was nowhere to be found. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                       Beware the Left Wind’s Fisher of Men

One such breeze is upon the land now bringing with it tender traps of an even deadlier strain. It beguiles and seduces the mind into thinking it is no longer bound by the truths and principles that have served man as the most reliable navigational charts of human nature since the dawn of time…because “the times have changed.” You’ve heard this fishermen’s tale I’m sure. Mankind was saved from the greatest shipwreck of them all by the man who said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

Beware dear friend the new fisher who came on such a breeze, to steal the seat of the first and conspire an earthly net woven and cast for earthly purpose. His feeble kindness appeals like honey to the minds of fish…and the school of men so conditioned to swim right in.

My wife and I enjoyed the 4th of July fireworks from Trophy Point at West Point last night, entertained by the Jazz Knights and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was the perfect evening of music and patriotic spirit filling thousands of hearts underneath clear skies, the rockets’ red glare and the canopy of God’s overarching firmament. Listening to the voices booming out from the stage filling the amphitheater and attending ears with the words and notes sweet to the patriot ear, I realized these are all fish who’ve yet to realize they’ve already been caught. They swim from screen to screen to see the same images wherever they swim, unaware that the images all originate from the same dark hole.

I invite you on this Sunday Morning to leave your earthly screens behind and trust your heart alone to guide you to waters uncharted by the earthly masters…

The seabird wings her lonely dance into the freedom from her past.

She chases sunsets of red and gold,

and follows moonbeams…so I’m told.                                                                                           ~ From “A Sailor’s Point of View”


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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