Wise Up America! It’s All Greek To Me…

Finding out the hard way.

Finding out the hard way.

Well, if you’ve read my last two posts and what I am about to write you’ll appreciate the scope and breadth of human experience as seen through the eyes of this mere mortal, as something well beyond surreal. From the Murray Family “Séance” Reunion in Syracuse to the Stars & Stripes on the Hudson River and closing it out with good friends on Cascade Lake Road back home in Warwick…so much to take in. Where we come from. Where we are. Where we are headed…

On Friday July 3rd in the fellowship hall of St. Paul’s Methodist Church during the 1st Murray Family Reunion ever held, I wrote in the Guest Book “Family is Everything! Love, Chip & Jodi.” In the afterglow of this remarkable day, I am left to wonder why did it take so long…why now…what are they trying to tell us? And then there was the impressive Star Spangled Spectacular looking out over the Hudson with my wife and thousands of fellow Americans camped in lawn chairs at West Point on the 4th. I’m not sure why, but it felt a little like the pomp and pageantry of Hunger Games to me for the first time. Elaborate effort to create a tour de force mirage/experience of something that no longer exists.

Finally, as we settled in with friends back home in Warwick on Sunday the 5th I gleaned a glimpse of where it is I’m afraid we’re headed. I was able to appreciate a millennial’s world view in a conversation I had with our friend’s son, a financial software consultant who specializes in helping businesses modify and upgrade their information and technology systems to adapt to the global markets’ tax and regulatory environment. Unsustainable debt did not concern him. Greece did not concern him. Lack of transparency and accountability in Washington did not concern him. In short, the significance and relevance of July 4th seemed lost and meaningless to him on July 5th. None of these things seemed to trouble him because they are old world distractions. He viewed Obama as the Brave New Pioneer/Explorer of the New World Order.

Mining for sensibility, I struck up a conversation about the Trump Effect on the political stage, and how refreshing it was to have somebody, anybody unafraid to take on the PC police, ask the bold questions and challenge the status quo in Washington. WOW! You’d have thought I said, “Hey everybody, let’s all hold our breath until we die!”…judging from the looks on so many faces. Then came the moment everyone was waiting for when one of them said to me, “He could never relate to the Middle Class. His father gave him everything.” I felt the blood in my veins surge as I regurgitated his comment in the form of a question, setting the stage for the pounce that never occurred once I saw the panicked look in the host’s eye and felt the mental hands of my wife around my throat from the other side of the patio. I was happy to settle for the image of his Middle Class wiping their private email servers clean as they wallowed in their own private “slush fund” foundations bulging with billions in foreign bribes forming as a torrential rain cloud drifting across the patio to release its deluge directly above the mind responsible for conjuring such masochistic delusion. And yes, the steaks were that good!

We are witnessing much more than “the EU dying before our eyes” in Greece. We are watching the epic crash and burn failure of big government. We are seeing the implosion of “cradle-to-grave” Socialism in its final death spasm…as the Cascade Lake Millennial’s Maniacal Magellan is pioneering us down the exact same path. He’s not charting a brave course to a new world. He is dragging us to a dead one! It’s not the millennial’s fault. If you or I had been fed what he’s been fed, we’d see the world as he does. The Brussels dream of a “European United States” was a doomed Fabian Fantasy from the very start…just as Thatcher predicted. It was never anything more than a plot to corrupt and centralize power away from the powerless who have no “of the people, by the people, and for the people” Constitution to protect them. 67% of Greece’s millennials voted “NO” on Sunday. Imagine the fear in Barack “Xerxes” Obama’s heart when our millennials begin to wise up as well! #WiseUpAmerica!

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5 Responses to Wise Up America! It’s All Greek To Me…

  1. ron8072 says:

    It is probably a temporary thing but you seem to have found some hope!

    Hope all is well with you and yours. We are surviving day to day.


  2. D says:

    Others are having the same visions.

  3. Chip Murray says:

    “There really isn’t any point in having any sort of debate on government reform, monetary reform or anything of the sort with those who deny arithmetic. It is a complete waste of time to discuss that which cannot work and if your answers do not comport with arithmetic they cannot work.” ~ Karl Denninger http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=230323

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