What To Expect In The Wake Of SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

The Klein Family

The Klein Family

“concern for privacy at home; concern for safety at home; dislike of going to work; distrust of former friends; distrust of men; fear of not being able to get another job; fear of being alone; felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful; future job opportunities damaged; hysteria; inability to find work; irritability with family and friends…migraine headaches; nightmares; and pale and sick at home after work,” – just to name a few.” 

On the surface, the words above appear to describe a person(s) in trouble, in pain and torment resulting from the actions of another person(s). In reality they are the exact opposite. They are the contrived words of an agenda designed to destroy a traditional American family (the Kleins), taking the entire Traditional American Family down with them!

The Oregon Labor Commissioner just upheld the fine ($135,000) imposed on Sweet Cakes By Melissa for refusing to bake a wedding cake for the Lesbian couple who then sued for their “injuries” as described above. We don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Emboldened by the SCOTUS ruling, the Left will go full-court-press for the jugular now. There are only “Lukewarm Republicans” standing in their way…

“The Lukewarm Republicans, in D.C. and in Mayberry, are helping The Left destroy this country and as long as you believe you or someone else can stop The Left with clever tactics in moderate ways you are giving aid and comfort to those that surrender to every fight with The Left.~ From “Comment of the Year”

For those who remain unable to see or unconvinced that the light is indeed an even more sinister train with human cattle cars than the one in the last century, let me try to describe what is headed our way…

Our grant applications will be denied. Our promotions will be looked over. Our friends will begin to disappear. Our opinions will not be considered. Our songs will not be heard. Our words will not be read. Our love will not be received. Our own families will eventually disown us. Marriages will die…as True Love is forced to the cross by the slaves of false compassion. Reunions will be last goodbyes before each and every one of us are coerced to the fork in the road where we will be forced to choose between submission and martyrdom.

While there are some encouraging signs out there, such as the Oklahoma Governor who has refused to follow his state’s supreme court ruling to take down the Ten Commandments Monument, and one southern state refusing to bow to the Left’s demands to lower the flag of southern pride, this particular wild fire has already spread beyond control. It has become a mob fire now…and mob fires are fueled by want, not morality. They are blind to right and wrong.

The Sam Adams quote keeps playing in my head, “Despair is not for you or I…” I said to a Right-leaning friend of mine who happens to be a leader in local government, “Soon, people like you will be forced to distance themselves from people like me.” I encourage you to read the entire “Comment of the Year” to understand the nature of what is coming. I was the MC of the first annual Murray Family Reunion last week. I made sure every single person in that room knew I was an Oath Keeper, who we are, and why they need to join www.oathkeepers.org

“Being ‘the last Jew to understand where the cattle cars are headed’ isn’t something to be proud about.”

Please sign, pray & share. Only God can stop this train now…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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