Globalists’ Latest “Save the Dollar” Extortion Scheme…As Trump Shines On!

“NO DEAL, NO DOLLAR!” ~ Secretary Lurch

The murder, lies and cover-up in Benghazi didn’t do it. The evidence that Planned Parenthood is murdering babies AND trafficking their “intact” organs didn’t do it. What will it take to finally ignite the fires of outrage in the American heart? How about the elimination of the dollar as the world’s official reserve currency? Do you think that empty ATM Machines might finally get our attention? In fact, what do you get when you combine outrage, mayhem, fear and panic?

There is literally no end to Washington Scoundrels and the do-or-die schemes of their Globalist Masters! Isn’t it amazing how we need them to save us from ISIS, save the planet from Climate-Change, and now to save the Dollar? But didn’t they give us ISIS? Didn’t they distort the temperature data? Don’t they control monetary policy through the central banks? So, we need them to save us from them???

Schumer the “Protector” backs away from the worst of deals negotiated with the worst of mad men by the worst negotiator in history, and a desperate O wheels out his Lurch of State to metaphorically put a gun to the head of the American People by suggesting, “NO DEAL, NO DOLLAR!” …and as the Flakes fall, behold another warning salvo from the World Bank!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why real estate developer Donald Trump may soon become President Donald Trump. Geraldo thinks we love Trump because we hate illegal immigrants. Sorry Geraldo…another Capone Vault Moment for you my friend. America loves Trump because Americans hate scoundrels! And nobody but nobody stands up to the establishment political and media elite scoundrels with the vitality, power and irresistible flair of the Donald! Nobody!

In fact, I’ll wager that the second official act of President Trump (after he builds the wall) will be to endorse renaming the Washington Redskins football team, the Washington Scoundrels…in honor and in place of an Obama Presidential Library!

The rest of the GOP field, as impressive as some of them may be, are Chamberlains to Trump’s Churchill! Cruz, Kasich and Walker have the will but lack the resources. Bush has the resources but lacks the will. Carson has the heart but lacks the muscle. Trump towers above them all!

The question remains however, as America hopes for a new Washington…something Reaganesque; how will the Donald fill such sacred shoes? Will he be the savior we hoped for, or is his catchy Make America Great Again just another notch in his Reality TV Belt? Only time will tell…One thing is crystal clear though. At this moment in time, America believes in him! This could be the best of times for Americans, and the very worst of times for the American Scoundrels! Please pray for God to guide us all…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to Globalists’ Latest “Save the Dollar” Extortion Scheme…As Trump Shines On!

  1. “America loves Trump because Americans hate scoundrels! And nobody but nobody stands up to the establishment political and media elite scoundrels with the vitality, power and irresistible flair of the Donald! Nobody!”

    Er… uh… um…


    Newt Gingrich did.


    Back in 2011 & 2012.


    My point? Romney became the GOP nominee and Barack Hussein Obama was RE-elected.


    I’m not disagreeing with your observations. I’m not! I’m simply… reminding you of the reality we face.

    If anything… from “our” perspective as constitutionists… in my case at least libertarian-leaning…


    “The Donald” has FAR more flaws than Gingrich ever did. And yet… look at what they did to Gingrich.

    For what it’s worth… I hope my cynicism is unwarranted. I hope that this is indeed the moment in history where the American Sheeple return to being “our” AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Newt’s “Contract” was impressive for sure. But there is a power the Donald has tapped into that seems unprecedented to me. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Your cynicism regarding anything political these days is far from unwarranted in my opinion Bill, its healthy! 🙂

  2. D. says:

    My husband is on a business trip to Europe. Co-workers have brought up this election and chided him concerning Trump’s bump in the polls. They seem almost desperate in their attempts to dissuade and re-direct. These are the lemmings who have jumped over the cliff or are about to jump. They don’t know any other way. You would think that they would see the lemmings before them going splat over the edge of the cliff. People supporting Trump are like smart lemmings who want to live!

    • Chip Murray says:

      There’s plenty of time to get a real good look at all the contenders. I suppose there’s a chance he could be just another Pied Piper, or worse, a Hillary plant as some suggest. But his net effect on the political stage right now is HEALTHY!! Vitamin B-12!!!

  3. D. says:

    I don’t think Newt ever had the poll numbers or wide appeal that Donald Trump has. Trump has the common touch, while Newt Gingrich was always seen as an elitist. The differences are numerous. However, I think Newt was always thought of as a Washington insider in a time when people were looking for an outsider. So many of us are still looking for that now. Hence, the reason that the two people in the top of the polls are Trump and Carson.

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