The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ November 29, 2015

"You shall know them by their fruits."

“You shall know them by their fruits.”

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. ~ Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence

The most important thing I learned in leadership training as it relates to the mission of this book…“Therefore, the mission of this book is to find a place where people of good heart and conscience can come together in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding…to reach an agreement. That I might say as much to you as you to me, ‘The ideas in our heads are as different as one can see, but the ground beneath my feet is the same for you as it is for me.’”  …is the critical importance of analyzing problems and seeking solutions only after having identified and engaged all the relevant stakeholders. There is no sentence more important to the mission of this book than the one you’ve just read! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…                     

The “Long Train of Abuses”

Think about yourself, and who you are as a person. Most of you who have taken the time to read these words, see yourselves as good and decent fair-minded individuals. You work hard to keep a roof over your heads, food on the table, and to provide an education for your children so they will have the same opportunities you had to make a life for themselves. Pretty simple and basic stuff right? Jefferson referred to these basic wants as the “pursuit of happiness.”

In a free society, as provided for in our Constitution and inspired by the eloquent directness of truth and purpose in our Declaration, we rely on the character of those who represent our interests in Washington to represent our interests with unimpugnable integrity. This quite simply means that rule of law, as Constitutionally ordained, and the security of our country along with the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of her people must come before the self-interests of those senators, congressmen and government officials who swear an oath to protect and defend these “unalienable rights!”

So the question I have for the reader is pretty basic and simple as well. Clearly we can see, when we observe the state of American affairs apart from the 24/7 propaganda-laced cable feed, with an objective eye through the lens of Jefferson’s words above, that WE have a very big problem. So if we can all agree to the premise, the question I have is twofold. Do you see yourself as a stakeholder? And are you engaged? Sadly, I’ve posed you a question for which I already know the answer. Today’s headlines shout it back to me. NO & NO! The sadness stems from the fact that Jefferson & Company gave us the leading role in the greatest play ever written for the most blessed society in all of history. They made “We the People” the primary stakeholder, subject to no earthly crown, and beholding only to “our Creator”…as Lincoln himself so eloquently proclaimed on October 3, 1863; “I do, therefore, invite my fellow-citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.”

So who would relinquish his or her place at the negotiating table of their own affairs?

You are powerful, the most powerful yahoo who has ever lived in the

history of living.

And you are an idiot.

And the world is going to burn.

You are not an idiot-on-purpose, but an idiot none-the-less.

The CIA, the persons in the CIA, are smart.

But they are evil.

The actual Evil Empire.

And they control you.

The most powerful person in the world.

If you were not an idiot they could not do that.

But you are an idiot.

And that’s a bummer, man.

That’s a bummer. ~ Mike Palecek

I have to tell you, I’m not quite ready to subscribe to the Palecek Newsletter. But he’s 100% right about us! The sum of our American Society parts, as I write these words is I-D-I-O-T-I-C! Our headlines confirm it. In virtually every domestic and foreign affair, we are idiots at the mercy of those (abusers & usurpers) we have given up our seat at the table and surrendered our power to. And they have set the world on fire! Think of the abused and beaten wife who comes back for more, and you are looking in the mirror! Tomorrow’s headline will assuredly be more ghastly and gruesome than today’s, and all we, “the most powerful person in the world” can manage to do is shrug our shoulders. This, by the way, is why Trump’s popularity is through the roof! We know we’re pathetic! And he is the sobering splash of freezing cold water!!!

But not all of the stakeholders are nearly as feeble. In fact, one can easily spot ruthless and naked aggression in the following stakeholder camps; Radical Islam, LGBT, Big Government, Big Business, Progressive Liberalism, and Feminism. Whew! No sign of timid or tepid wallflowers in this bunch…Am I right or am I right? We snooze, they win! You have to read this letter to the editor published in our local paper recently:

                                                         A Call To Courage

When the Founding Fathers declared independence from England, they didn’t seek protection from risk; rather they courageously pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. They understood that to be free they had to accept risk, gather their courage and face their fears. Today, Americans have lower risk than many others in the world when it comes to having their homes invaded, or being blown up by a car bomb, but risk is all around.        

Risks here and abroad In the U.S., maternal deaths related to childbirth are nearly at the highest rate in a quarter century. More than 3.5 million American children, ages 14 and younger, get hurt annually playing sports or participating in recreational activities. Hate crimes are on the rise. American churches, mosques and synagogues have been attacked. Mass shootings have tripled in the U.S. in last few years. Seventy percent of the shooters attacked schools or workplaces. How horrifying is it that there were attacks by Americans on Americans? Closer to home, in Orange County, In 2014, there were 831 violent crimes. None of these were perpetrated by people admitted to this country fleeing ISIL. Germans, Poles, Irish and Italians fled Europe a century ago, and each of these groups faced American suspicion and prejudice upon arrival. Famously, the U.S. turned back a vessel of Jews fleeing Hitler during the Second World War. Fifty percent of those Jews died – arguably due to our fear of their ethnicity.

‘What’s different this time’ What’s different this time, is that for the first time, dangerous insurgents have snuck into the West with the true victims of the hideous ISIL attacks. The U.S. wants to accept the innocent victims, while blocking ISIL guerillas. Think about it and you’ll see that there is no possible way to do so. Our choices are either to carefully register and screen every applicant, or to refuse refuge to all the legitimate victims, for fear that we’ll miss the few bent on destruction. Refusing all refugees from Syria shifts the risk to other countries. Will we be a proud nation if we close our doors to this calamity? Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? For those of us who believe in God, rejection isn’t what we are called to do. No activity is without risk, and no governor, state or federal government agency can truthfully claim to “ensure with 100 percent certainty” to protect us from any and all real or perceived threats.

‘Welcome the stranger’ Every spiritual leader from Moses to Jesus to Buddha and Mohammed makes it clear that the world is a place of suffering. It is our duty, as human beings, to do what we can to help others, sometimes even at risk to ourselves. It’s how we contend with life’s risks that define “character.” What would you say of a neighbor’s character if he saw a car stranded along the road – the driver and his kids waving for help — and did not stop? What will we, and history, think of us if we refuse relocation of Syrian refugees to New York State because we are afraid of who and what we don’t know with “100 percent certainty?” We believe that we must gather our courage, and do unto others as we would have them do undo us. Welcome the stranger.                                ~ Roger & Elizabeth

When I read words like these I am filled with dread for the future and safety of our children. They come from a mind that is oblivious to the consequences of its own thought. It’s as if they are constantly manufacturing alternative realities to fit the false narratives in their parallel universe, to cover up for the death and destruction their real actions have wrought in this one. Think of the sheer lunacy of this letter for a moment…

Think of the total cost in American (taxpayer) dollars to resettle the millions of displaced Muslims in Europe and America, versus creating “safe zones” in the Middle East (as Trump proposed) with all the non-Muslim nations pitching in…until it is safe for them to return to their own Muslim Countries to live as Muslims. All you have to do is look to Michigan to realize that Muslims do not come to America to live as Americans…they come to America to live as Muslims! The difference in total cost is well beyond the ability to calculate!

Please take a moment pray on what you’ve read, and then listen to what this woman has to say. Now think very deeply about where we are and how we got here. Think about who is counseling us to do this and to do that, and how to live our lives. Think about our “leaders”. Think about Roger and Elizabeth and all the other non-believers and politicians who attempt to motivate us by asking “What would Jesus do?”

I have read that there are three kinds of prophets:

  • The prophet called by God to be the founder of a divine religion.
  • The prophet sent by God to warn people and bring them back to God when they drift away from God’s ways.
  • The false prophet who speaks from his own motivation and not by the inspiration of God and claims that he is speaking in the name of God.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? (Matthew 7:15,16).

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ November 29, 2015

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you Chip, once again for another wonderfully written and thought provoking piece. For those who use the Good Samaritan story as an example as to why we should open our doors to all; please remind them, the Good Samaritan did not take the stranger into his own home. He paid for and made sure the stranger was well taken care of but never risked the safety of himself or his family be taking the stranger into his home.

  2. Paul Laux says:

    Hi Chipo,
    Roger and Elizabeth, models of piety! Not really, nothing more than examples of hypocritical devotion to virtue. Beware anyone who combines the name of Jesus, The Christ in the same context of Moses, Buddha and Mohammed. Only one of those is The Rock of our Salvation. Only one of those spoke the world and heavens into existence. Only one of those will we appear before when human history comes to a shockingly instantaneous halt!

    May the children of Ishmael, the followers of a moon god and false prophet, have their eyes opened as to just how destitute they, like you and me, are. May they find salvation in Jesus, by the power of His Holy Spirit.

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