The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 17, 2016

The Progressive Pied Piper

The Progressive Pied Piper

1.      Morality (mo-ral-i-ty) NOUN

    1. principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. ~ Oxford Dictionary

Wherever we are and whoever we are, there can be no greater question before us all than the question of moral authority. The perception of moral authority in almost all instances will pave the way to legal authority and political power. But the Oxford definition of morality leaves us with an even greater question…WHO and WHAT make the determining “distinction between right and wrong”? Who, what and where is the moral authority in our lives? Ask a Progressive and a Conservative that question, and you are likely to get two different answers. You are also that much closer to understanding the unraveling of America taking place, as I wrote last Sunday, “before our very eyes”. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Line of Morality Separating Progressivism from Conservatism

First understand that Progressivism and Humanism are practically synonymous. Humanism is defined as a philosophical position that stresses the autonomy of human reason in contradistinction to the authority of the Church” according to Ann Barnhardt, who goes on to decry Humanism as a “diabolical narcissistic mindset”. In fact, it was the prevailing mindset that turned the French Revolution into a bloodbath-orgy of Liberal persuasion, by drawing French society into a secular revolt against the Church, mirroring exactly what is being forced on America today! Whereas the American Revolution by contrast, was inspired by God alone as the ultimate moral authority and supreme source of man’s “inalienable rights”!

I would argue, as painful as this is to say, that the same America that threw off the shackles of tyranny in the American Revolution has, by inviting Progressivism into the mainstream, put them back on in what can be best described as what is shaping up to be our own version of the French Revolution on steroids. Look into the young minds on the campuses of Brown, Yale, Columbia and Princeton being taught to HATE and persecute those who challenge their own humanist declarations and “social justice” compassions, and you will find yourself knee-deep in the darkest déjà vu delights of human nature all over again. I don’t need to see the guillotine to feel the horror of its presence. I don’t need to be the Vendée to know the honor of their fight in the hour of their glory.

The fantasy world Progressives actually believed they could force all of us to live in is literally crashing and collapsing into the real world at this very moment in time. As the Progressive President is lying to the world about the State of the Union, American sailors are on their knees surrendering to a society that murders poets and priests for their beliefs, executes gays and forces women to cover up their heads…much the same way as Obama covers up the truth…knowing Walmart’s plans to close 269 stores worldwide as he lied to us in the SOTU! Just another Friday news-dump in Obamaville!

The two greatest blunders of the 21st Century will no doubt be credited to the Oslo panel of Humanist panderers for awarding Liberal economist-hack Paul “money-grows-on-trees” Krugman and President Barack “lead-from-behind” Obama with the once prestigious Nobel Prize! America is truthfully more indebted, thanks more to these two Progressive Pied Pipers than all the bankers in the history of the world combined!

The reasons cited by the Oslo panderers in 2008 and 2009 respectively? Krugman ~ “having shown the effects of economies of scale on trade patterns and on the location of economic activity.” Obama ~ “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. I don’t believe it’s humanly possible to squeeze more financial and political BS into 28 words! Kind of slick how the economic redistributionist set the world stage for the political redistributor…doncha think? What shall we call the name of this new world “Humanist” play acted out on the new world “Humanist” stage? How about, “Fake Money Given Away By A Fake President”? …just before the bottom falls out! Speaking of which…

The following quote is an excerpt from a woman who could swim intellectual circles around the Progressive Nobel Dunce Tag-Team, explaining to a group of ranchers exactly how these moral degenerates took what might have been an ordinary cherry bomb and transformed it into an econo-geo-political hydrogen bomb already in firing sequence, well beyond the mathematical possibility of disarming:

I leaned then towards an INFLATIONARY event, because of the sheer enormity of the “money printing”, that is, debt creation, already well underway at that time.  We then discussed how a large deflation could possibly then follow, and my focus at that time was drilling into the guys (and gals) that when inflation comes, the WORST POSSIBLE THING ONE COULD DO would be to re-lever.  In other words, when inflation hits, CAPTURE THE EQUITY.  DO NOT EXPAND WITH LEVERAGE.  IF ONE HAD DEBT, USE THE WAVE OF INFLATION TO PAY DOWN OR COMPLETELY PAY OFF THE DEBT.  Then, if and when the markets deflate, the deflation will not be catastrophic.  Cash flows would continue, selling and buying back will continue, and, if the inflation was severe enough, the cattleman would be operating debt-free. ~ Ann Barnhardt, “The Only Protection Is Equity”

Brace yourself for the proverbial cold-splash bottom line! In the Humanist world, we are living in a Hollywood-produced, Pop Culture-fed, Smart Phone/TV-induced…hallucination. In the real world, we are a narcissistic school of fish swimming in a tank full of our own raw sewage. Progressivism is about becoming the hallucination. Conservatism, on the other hand, is about realizing you’re a fish drawn into the light of personal redemption, living in a tank that’s in desperate need of a serious cleaning. Brace yourself dear friend. The “Line of Morality” is fast becoming the Battle Line in the War of the Worlds.

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