Why We Call It “Good” Friday

More Nero Than Nero Himself!

More Nero Than Nero Himself!

I usually confine my musings to Sundays, but today this Good Friday of all Good Fridays beckons to me as never before. There is an immediacy and intensity that is hard to describe. As good a job as Spielberg did in Saving Private Ryan of having you feel the experience of being in those D-Day landing craft when the doors opened on Omaha Beach, it could never come close to the actual experience of being there…as a young petrified man barely past puberty. I feel as though we are in the very same moment in history where we must literally give our own lives, in order to truly live again…

Oddly enough, I hadn’t planned to write today. But then I came across this blog post over at Alt.market.com:

Brandon, You, without a doubt, understand the workings of evil in our world. You even understand its impact on the so called freedom movement. Your article on cultural Marxism was the finest explanation of what America is experiencing that I’ve ever read. It all seems so hopeless……I’m afraid that America is lost and another revolution will be necessary if her citizens are motivated or capable. The more truth I learn the more I realize my whole life has been a series of lies spoon fed to me. I’m 63 and not sure I’m up for a battle. ~ Laurie

The mix of her honesty and fatalism, along with all the other images and sound-bites of the past few days made me realize that absolutely none of this life being “spoon fed” to us is worth living for, but confronting the madness and changing it is absolutely 100% worth dying for! You can read Brandon’s excellent take on the present mess here, along with Laurie’s comment and my response.

This is NOT the life we were meant to live, and living in this way…accepting and denying the evil as if it is something we can get along with, not only condemns our children…it is the absolute worst affront possible to the God who created us! Contrast the selfless courage and sacrifice of a generation on D-Day together with the One on Calvary, to the disgraceful narcissist in the image above. Our cities burn, death tolls rise, and bodies pile up while he dances the night away…

The very savages he covers for daily slaughtered a group of nuns and kidnapped a priest from a nursing home in Yemen where they were caring for the sick and elderly in one of the most dangerous places on earth. It is rumoured that they plan to crucify him today…while we go about our living. This is not living! This is hell on earth, in your face, with the sole purpose of forcing you into submission!

So two months after Trump accurately predicts Brussels, our President Nero decries Ted Cruz’s recommendation to keep closer tabs on the Muslim Community as a “slippery slope, un-American, counter-productive, and not who we are” in the wake of the latest Muslim slaughter-fest…I guess using the IRS to target, intimidate, and silence Christians and Conservatives must have cleared the slippery-slope-meter as being who we should be to his dark slippery-eel-like mind.

My friends, on this Good Friday we have one King and one King alone. Unlike the boys on the beaches of Normandy who came to live, but were prepared to die…He came to die from the start. We must die to become like Him from this day forward; which is to say that the me I was, will suffer to be no longer. From this day forward;

  • I will do for the sake of doing. The duty is mine…the results belong to Him.
  • I will put you before me, and Him before us all.
  • I will do the right thing if it kills me.
  • I will speak Truth to power in ALL places.
  • I will pick up the Cross.
  • I will join www.oathkeepers.com

Could there be a better day than this?

Watery eyes of the last sighing seconds                                                                     Blue reflections mute and dim                                                                                      Beckon tearful child of wonder                                                                                           To repentance of the sin

And the blind and lusty lovers                                                                                             Of the great eternal lie                                                                                                           Go on believing nothing                                                                                                   Since something has to die                                                                                                     ~ Jethro Tull, For Michael Collins, Jeffrey & Me

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2 Responses to Why We Call It “Good” Friday

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    And that is why God in the flesh told us very specifically, “Unless a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3) Speaking of Normandy, I think of the Resurrection as our troops landing on the beach. For all intents and purposes the war was over at that point. It was
    just a matter of time to march to Berlin. We are those troops marching to Berlin, and we want to see as many as possible saved, and in fact, recruit more troops as we march to that glorious Day when we shall see our King face to face! The battle is won, though many our lost. Let’s just be sure we’re on the winning side!

  2. I am willing to die for this country if need be, for this is the country of my mothers and fathers before me. I am 73, have a balance problem but don’t care about that. I am willing and able to take shooting lessons at some range. I have great motivation and this is the reason I can overcome my age and my condition.

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