The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Results Belong To Who?

Duty and to-day are ours; results and futurity belong to God. ~ Horace Greeley

We are literally dying from the outside in because we have shutdown, neutralized, and disowned the greatest fortress of all…our inner voice. When Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes addressed NY Oath Keepers last June, he connected the Oath to the Horace Greeley quote above. The paradox in Greeley’s sentiment and how most of us actually live our lives really struck me. I would wager that the most catastrophic paradigm shift for all of Western Civilization occurred when Greeley’s implied do the right thing became the Progressive’s ends justify the means, turning the natural order of action>consequence upside down…and our entire world along with it.

Question ~ What happens to 5% of the world’s population after the elementary classroom lesson shifts from the golden rule of do the right thing to whatever it takes?

Answer ~ They become 80% of the world’s opiate consumers.

In Greeley’s day great singers, songwriters and dancers were simply great singers, songwriters and dancers. Worship was reserved for the “propitious smiles” as Washington proclaimed in his 1st Inaugural; We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained. Today we’ve made drug-addicted rock stars into gods, and turned God into the hallucinogenic drug of choice for the new radical extremists…and enemies of the new world order.

The tornados and typhoons of human nature are far more devastating than those that merely bring physical death and destruction. These storms destroy human spirit and we are in the vortex. Look out any window. While North Carolina lawmakers are being Targeted by corporate America for defending natural order and common sense, the Mayor of New York is leveling the guns of his office on a private business (Chick-fil-A) for their views on marriage, which happens to distract from the criminal investigation swirling around his office over alleged corruption.

In last week’s Tune-up, I wrote about how Coke has become the SS arm for the Social-Justice Nazis in the LGBT movement. And this week we learn that Pepsi, not to be outdone, has become their Gestapo. Welcome to the New World Order where the results no longer belong to Greeley’s God, but to a Godless circle of elite scoundrels hell-bent on centralizing power and controlling the music that every living being on earth will literally be forced to dance to. For the most part, they will be the ones to determine who succeeds and who fails. Think of it as the ultimate pay-to-play where the cost of admission is your very soul. Step out of line, they’ll come and they’ll…

On March 29th, Attorneys General from 20 states organized into what they call “AGs United for Clean Power.” There they stood with the Attorney General of the United States and AL GORE!   They announced legal action against American companies, like Exxon Mobile. Then they threatened even more legal action against any private organizations, like the American Policy Center, that are guilty of nothing more than having a different opinion about the existence of man-made Climate Change…take you away! We are entering a world where publically stating your opinion on marriage and the weather will be dealt with just as harshly as failing to sieg heil in downtown Berlin 81 years ago.

Venture Capitalist and original founding member of Face Book team Chamath Palihapitiya is a man with very deep pockets and tremendous influence. He is also a globalist who, in my opinion, would see the oath to our Constitution as an archaic and meaningless impediment. Last month we invited the director of a local civic organization to be our speaker at our Oath Keeper meeting in support of his work helping minority children in Newburgh, only to learn his disturbing viewpoint as revealed in a conversation with one of our officers. After expressing the Leftist view that America is responsible for the woes of the world, our Muslim friend went on to say that we need to do what we do without God. Unfortunately for him, he made the mistake of sharing his views with one of the most patriotic spirits on the planet. But this is what we are up against. We are slowly being destroyed from the inside out. Call it what you will; re-education or social engineering…the America we grew up in will cease to exist.

Just this week, the Speaker of the House of Representatives…the voice of the people, by the people, for the people…told the people to piss off! The American People have just been told by their government that they no longer have a say in their own affairs. Houston…we have a problem! The problem, regardless of how the spin doctors try to spin it, is that the ruling class have become hopelessly addicted to power…and the nation-crushing power dealer has moved off shore. To those of you thinking that you can just live your lives on their terms and this will all blow over…think again. You will become a walking ghost. I would rather die a free man in the next sixty seconds than live another sixty years in the hell they are shaping.  

In closing, I will leave you with a story you won’t hear from Charlie Rose or Bret Baier about those of us who still subscribe to the Greeley rule. Who in the world would leave the comfort of their homes, the security of their jobs, and the love of their families to travel 1,600 miles to do the right thing? These guys!

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize ~Voltaire

It is a good fall when a man falls on his knees ~ Spurgeon


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