HB2: A Toilet Too Far ~ The Death Knell of Liberalism

Your Kid's Brain on Liberalism

Your Kid’s Brain on Liberalism

Do you remember how most all of us scoffed at the idea of a Trump presidency only a year ago? If you take a moment to watch this video of a 5’9” white man convincing students at the University of Washington he’s a 6’5” Chinese woman, you will understand in an instant why Donald Trump will be our next President. Reasonable and intelligent Americans will simply never accept the Fundamental Transformation we’ve come to know as Obamaville. Which is to say Americans are finally standing up to the real bully in their lives and rejecting the Liberal/Progressive “Social Justice” perversion of a DOJ that declares war on a state governor for defending his state and its bathrooms from Liberal lunacy, while turning a blind eye to radical islam, black lives matter-engineered violence, and the illegal invasion of America.

When one stops to think about it, Liberalism has always been the candy that tyrants, despots and dictators have used to sweeten the masses into submission. Yesterday it was Stalin and Hitler. Today it is Obama, Chavez-successor Maduro and the soon-to-be-deposed Rousseff. They failed yesterday and they are failing today because their “successes” are built on the sweet lies that too many people crave. It’s like political crack. The EU is in a death spiral. Venezuela has become a ghostly Spanish-speaking version of the 1922 Weimar Republic. And Brazil is descending into chaos on the eve of a doomed summer Olympics that even the athletes are warning the world to stay away from for their own safety! America has been injected with a fatal dose of the same exact poison, except in our case the disease isn’t quite so advanced but it is only a matter of time due in large part to our indifference and the self-delusion that we are somehow immune.

Think about the three most crucial “transformational” acts (crimes) of the current administration; Obamacare, the Iran Deal, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. We now know thanks to the braggadocio of Obama advisors Jonathan Gruber and Ben Rhodes, that all three were based on lies, falsehoods and the wholesale deception of the American People. (Watch this piece on Diabolical Narcissism to better understand Gruber, Rhodes and the people they work for). In the past two weeks I’ve covered the Liberal agendas of the executive boards at Coke and Pepsi. We’ve learned that Google (map) is intentionally guiding illegal immigration and God knows what else across our southern border. And this week we learn that the Liberal Chief Executives at Face Book and Amazon have systematically blocked Conservative content, and hired a twenty-man army to dig up dirt on Trump.

The other day I had the unpleasant experience of walking into my “global company” office to find a big LGBT sign glaring back at me…beaming something about how fortunate I am to work for a company that promotes diversity and inclusion. This isn’t about gay rights at all…LGBT is a clever-to-the-point-of-diabolical bullet from the gun of a “global” radical leftist ideology aimed directly at the heart of American sovereignty. It is exactly as Senator Sessions recently said; “2016 is a choice between Nationalism and Globalism.”

This is why the Left is so obsessed with Gun Control…it’s much easier to destroy a “nation state” after you disarm the people who would defend it. The Zero Hedge piece referred to the linked campus-interview video as comical. I think it is one of the saddest things I’ve ever watched. Every single one of these kids have been turned into walking vegetables! They are post-lobotomized McMurphys who’ve quite literally thrown their own brains out over the campus wall. There isn’t a single one of them who possesses the capacity to grasp what they’ve surrendered…which now makes them useless on two fronts. They are the same useless idiots to those who use them time and time again to steal the light of Liberty. And they are useless to those of us who hope to save America.

I was talking to a farmer the other day. We were discussing the agricultural community as a “stakeholder” in the discussion on community preparedness in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. He told me how the Cornell Cooperative Extension, once a highly treasured resource to local farmers, has morphed into a Liberal Social Justice organization. He went on to tell me the story of one of their tax-payer funded adventures that really shines the light of day on the great lie known as Liberalism. They love to pack a bunch of buses with kids from New York City and treat them to a day on the farm. Sounds great right? So think a little deeper…

What is actually taking place here? Young minds are being shipped off from the city’s “collective” environment of entitlement and placed in the country’s ultimate “individual” environment of self-reliance without an ounce of guidance or instruction from their Liberal tour guides on the difference in the two! They come and go, missing the treasure altogether, thinking they were only here to pet the animals. The real beneficiary of our little odyssey reveals the true nature of Liberalism…narcissism. Liberalism is 100% about doing what feels good, at the expense of what is good. And white guilt is such a hungry beast.

Obama has finally gone one toilet too far my friends. And for the very reason Horace Greeley acknowledged years ago…It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom…we will ultimately flush the very idea of Liberalism into the sewer of human history where it belongs. Let me paint you a glimpse of where a Trump Presidency has the “potential” of taking us…and this is only the precious beginning:

Imagine the cartoon above where our kids keep their brains where they belong and throw their Liberal/Marxist professors out over the campus wall instead…having replaced them with the real teachers we’ve finally hired. And imagine a day in the country organized by the Cornell Conservative Extension where every boy and girl gets to read the book Animal Farm by the amazing visionary George Orwell before they get on the bus. EE-I-EE-I-O!

Oh, and imagine how a people who finally get their brains and their country back will deal with a religion that’s actually not a religion, and a life that is a life. And for those of you who like to take your truth straight up without a mixer, Ann takes a slightly more direct path to the target! “The Chesterton Axiom No Longer Applies”

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4 Responses to HB2: A Toilet Too Far ~ The Death Knell of Liberalism

  1. Mike says:

    I still and will continue to pray. Those who scoff at me for my beliefs will int time learn that hard lesson Rome learned. All powerful government will fall to the word of God. It’s a hard road, but one that will make our country what it was. A God fearing nation. Fools of other political beliefs, like socialism, will fall like the walls of Jericho, into a pile of useless rumble. I pray everyday and stand ready, willing and able to do what my God given rights allow me to do. Maybe Mr. Trump will be a great leader. Maybe not. Either way I am here for the long haul. Are you ready. DO not give up, America IS worth it…

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