The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ What’s Behind Progressive Behavior?

Darkest Angel of Them All

Darkest Angel of Them All

Bill Clinton – Former US President – Rapist and Pedophile

Charles Wade – Leader, Black Lives Matter – Sex Trafficker

Cody Peluso – Senator Schumer’s Regional Director – Suspended On Drug Charges *

Al Sharpton – “Trusted” White House Advisor – Tax Evader & Hate Merchant

Anthony Weiner – Former NY Congressman (Clinton Pal) – Disgraced Sexual Pervert

Brian Williams – Former Main Stream News Anchor – Disgraced Liar

Dominique Strauss-Kahn – Former IMF Director – Accused Rapist, “Aggravated Pimping”

Rajendra Pachauri – Former UN Climate Panel Leader – Sexual Predator

George Soros – Socialist-Capitalist Left-Wing Bag Man – Nazi Collaborator

Hillary Clinton – 2016 Democrat Nominee for President – Diabolical Narcissist

Take a good and long hard look at the list above. Some of these names are more familiar than the others, but every single one of them has had an impact on your life whether you realize it or not. Collectively they have had a devastating effect on the soul of our nation and the world at large. Besides the fact that each of them is a Progressive, I believe that every person on this list is a full blown Diabolical Narcissist or at very least, a psychopathic evolving DN…

Diabolical Narcissists are human beings that have by their own free will chosen to purge themselves of all love (charity), and thus all positive emotions derived from love. ~ More to follow.

…notice I’ve listed the individual crimes or symptoms next to every name except Hillary’s, where I’ve only listed the disease itself. That’s because she has yet to commit her greatest crime. You need to know that this is by far the most important blog I have ever written, because contained herein is information that could save your life and, more importantly, your very soul. And you will know in your heart, after extrapolating every nugget of information from Ann’s DN presentation at the end, how our world has been turned so completely upside down and that Hillary Clinton is in fact the Queen Bee of DN!

* In April of 2015 I was part of a private group of citizens that requested a meeting with Senator Schumer’s office to express our concerns regarding the persecution of Christians and the deterioration of our relationship with Israel. It was Cody Peluso who, along with another young staffer, came to meet the 12 of us in what can best be described as a professional dismissal…they were there without really being there. There was an air of Schumer arrogance about the both of them, as they responded to our concerns with “relax everyone, the name Schumer means protector in Hebrew.” Two weeks ago I spent the day with Wendy Long, the woman who is running for Schumer’s seat. As I am standing with her and her staffer, she pulls up a bulletin on her smart phone detailing Cody Peluso’s arrest on drug charges that very day. Let the odds of that sink in for just a moment.    

Do you realize that the Progressives have created a world for themselves where they are not only unaccountable, but undisgraceable as well? It’s very easy to fall for the notion that same- sex-marriage legislation and coercion of the states and private interests into accepting complete chaos and confusion over something as basic as gender, are all actions born of compassion…until you realize the people listed above are the architects whose schemes to legitimize and normalize sodomy and order the invasion of girls rooms by grown men have absolutely nothing to do with compassion, and everything to do with destroying the very soul of America. Why? Because it is impossible to resist and fight tyranny without a soul. Their nature, as DN is vampiric. Their power (and satisfaction) is derived through the crushing of souls. The collective trail of death, misery and sorrow in the individual wake of every scoundrel above is almost too painful to imagine. I’m willing to bet Vince Foster was a good soul. How many good souls have perished as a direct result of Hillary’s Arab Spring? And still counting…

Think about the pure evil in the DN projection technique known as “gas-lighting” (after the Hitchcock movie starring Ingrid Bergman), in which the evil is projected onto those who would speak out against the people who burn 19 young women alive for refusing to become sex slaves, and cut terrified 5-year-old boys in half in front of their mothers. Paul Ryan just “gas-lighted” Donald Trump by projecting the charge of racism onto Donald Trump for raising a legitimate question of “bias” in the case of a Mexican-American judge connected to La Raza whose law firm donated $625,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

The Supernatural Connection

The battlefield that matters most is in the realm of the supernatural. This is why everything and every action on their (Progressive) part is devoted to undermining, poisoning and destroying your relationship to the supernatural. Why? Because they cannot compete with you here. All you have to do is be who you essentially are. They, on the other hand, cannot afford to reveal who they essentially are.

It occurred to me recently that a healthy marriage is the opposite of narcissism. Instead of gazing at your own reflection, you are gazing into the face of an objectively loving reality that was put on this earth to give you the feedback (truth) you need to hear…though you may not always want to. Narcissism itself is nothing new to most of us. I think most of us also realize there is a greater narcissistic quality in this selfie-absorbed society in comparison with previous generations. But Diabolical Narcissism is a new term, thanks to Ann Barnhardt. There is nothing I can think of that explains everything that has gone so wrong, as effectively as the revelation in these two words. In fact, these two words expose what modern psychology has devoted itself to covering up and excusing…the fact that evil is real, demons are real, and Satan exists and hunts your soul like a ravenous lion.

If you get much of your world news as I do from the Drudge Report, you may have noticed the significant uptick in stories related to Satanic, demonic, witches and exorcism events. We are literally invoking Satan ceremoniously in the opening of tunnels between our worlds…in parts of the world where churches have been turned into museums, as Christians and Jews are forced to flee.

If you are someone who has experienced any sort of loss of power, or confidence. If you have noticed a deterioration in your general sense of well-being. If you find yourself experiencing self-doubt and feelings of guilt or inexplicable shame, there is a better than fair chance you are in the crosshairs of a Diabolical Narcissist, or someone with very heavy DN traits…You especially need to sit yourself down this afternoon as soon as you get home from church and watch this remarkable presentation from start to finish.

It’s a new day when we wake up every morning. It’s an entirely New Earth when we wake up to greatest con ever perpetrated on the heart of man by the darkest angel of them all.(Listen Here)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  2. Chip Murray says:

    PS ~ The DN’s listed above who intentionally opened the door to the Islamists who are now killing us, are the same DN’s fighting to disarm law abiding gun-owners.

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