An Open Letter To My Gay Friends & Family on Orlando

The Focus of Our Solidarity

The Focus of Our Solidarity

As horrific as the Pulse Massacre was, my prayer is that it was the turning point in a war that many Americans refuse to even acknowledge exists. We may all be Americans, but we have all been deliberately balkanized by those who seek to control our lives. I have gay family members I used to enjoy spending time with who have shut me out of their lives as a direct result of our “Fundamental Transformation”. I never loved you because of a political mandate. I loved you because it was in my heart to do so. The person you are made me laugh; not some government/corporate laugh card.

We’ve ALL been lied to. You’ve been led to see your Christian, Conservative, Republican and traditional-minded Constitution-loving American family members and neighbors as your enemy. As I was writing these words I actually watched Hillary on TV referring to the Islamic murderer as the result of a “virus” that remains a threat. As Trump points out, Hillary has accepted millions upon millions of dollars from the very “virus” she claims to fight…the Islamic Countries where women are sex-slave possessions and gays are thrown off roof tops! On Sunday, more than 18 hours after the slaughter, I watched the PC-enslaved mind of a nineteen-year-old slog its way around and past objective reality to cling to the absurd “hate crime” narrative planted there by the same people who have divided us.

I believe this event is a turning point because up until now, it has been Christians in the cross-hairs of world-wide persecution and genocide, Conservatives in the cross-hairs of the IRS, Republicans in the cross-hairs of Obama’s friends in Hollywood, Pop-Culture and the Main Stream Media, and traditional-minded Constitution-loving Americans in the cross-hairs of the Marxists who run the true hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now you have joined us in the cross-hairs of the same “Radical Islamists” Obama and friends have shielded and continue to protect via Political Correctness. They are desperately attempting to change the narrative to turn the objective reality of Islamic Jihad into the illusion of “hate crime” and the need for “gun control”. Allowing this lie to take hold would be more than insanity…it would be cultural suicide. We are living the modern-day version of the Trojan Horse! The same people who have convinced you that Faith, Freedom and Constitution-loving Americans are your enemies, are now telling you that our guns are the problem. That’s like saying wiener schnitzel killed six million German and European Jews. It wasn’t the German MP40, the MG42, or the Lugar; it was the Nazi Ideology! Although many of you have begun to realize the deception, too many of you have not and as a result remain extremely vulnerable.

“I’m not talking about Islamists. I’m not talking about terrorists. I’m not talking about radical Islam. I’m talking about mainstream Muslim culture. There are eleven Muslim countries in which I could be killed for being a homosexual. The state penalty is death. One hundred million people live in country where the penalty for homosexuality is death. This is not radical Islam. This is mainstream Muslim society. Look what’s happening in Sweden. Look what’s happening anywhere in Germany, anywhere there are large influxes of a Muslim population. Things don’t end well for women and gays. The left has got to make a decision. Either they want female emancipation and it wants gay rights or it wants Islam. It’s got to pick.” ~ Milo Yianopoulos

Milo is a young Conservative Gay man from the UK. As I said to the one person I love more than I’ve ever loved anyone, every voice needs to be heard on this matter. He spoke at the Orlando massacre site yesterday. (Listen here at 11:52 mark) RuPaul pronounced this tragedy as a “Wake-up-call” on the very same day.

So, to my Gay friends and family. I am urging you as the family member and friend who never left or rejected you, to stand with those of us who believe that ALL of our freedoms to be who we want to be and live the life we choose to live are provided for us in our Constitution. Our 1st and 2nd Amendments are undeniably essential to the protection of these rights and freedoms. We can disagree with one another on our cultural and social differences, as we always have…as families, friends, and neighbors. Please…any voice that requires us to ignore objective reality is not the voice of family, friend or neighbor…please…our hearts and minds knows better. God, please let Orlando be our wake-up-call.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to An Open Letter To My Gay Friends & Family on Orlando

  1. Chip Murray says:

    Yet another lovely glimpse of mainstream Muslim culture… Why isn’t this a hate crime…hmm?

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