The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Weiner Republic

                                                                                     The only solution is to expunge the parasites from our fiscal body.  These institutions and the people behind them should not exist.  Most if not all of our socio-political distress today could be cured if a “brave new world” meant wiping the slate clean and dispelling financial elites and central bankers into a bottomless pit. ~ Brandon Smith, The Central Banks’ “Brave New World”

The “man” on the front page of the August 29, 2016 issue of the NY Post was once a Congressional Representative of We the People who came within one sick “sext” of becoming mayor of the most powerful city/financial capital of the world. “Parasite” is much too kind a word to describe the miscreant nature of the politicos who herd us like sheep and milk us like cows. Anthony Weiner was no ordinary miscreant…he was (is) a high-ranking member of the royal family of vampire-like oligarchs who have literally sucked America bone dry. I can only imagine the “October dump” promised by Julian Assange, who has already connected Clinton (while Secretary of State) to the Master Puppeteer himself. From there its always a “follow-the-money” trail. Soros>Clinton>Schumer>Weiner>Abedin. There is no darker more twisted perverse irony than this; that the man so chronically obsessed with his own “inserter” would become, in fact, the primary insertion point of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration directly into the jugular of American Power. Or, do you suppose Huma was drawn to “Carlos Danger” by the quality of his character and handsome good looks?

I can’t help but draw a parallel between our Weiner Republic of today and the infamous German Weimar Republic in the 1930s. Where the Germans suffered the devastating effects of hyper-inflation, Americans living in the Weiner Republic are suffering the even deadlier effects of moral-deflation…while teetering on the brink of an even greater and more catastrophic financial/economic collapse than the one we suffered through during the Great Depression. While the wolves circle outside our borders, a far more treacherous one salivates within.    Lesson #1 ~ When there’s no more bread, good people will find the way…while the evil and immoral devour each other.

The Weimar Republic

In order to pay for the large costs of the ongoing First World War, Germany suspended the gold standard (i.e., the convertibility of its currency into gold) when the war broke out. Unlike the French Third Republic, which imposed its first income tax to pay for the war, the German Emperor Wilhelm II and the German parliament (the Reichstag) decided without opposition to fund the war entirely by borrowing, a decision criticized by financial experts such as Hjalmar Schacht as a dangerous risk for currency devaluation. The government apparently believed that it would be able to pay off the debt by annexing resource-rich industrial territory to the west and east and imposing massive reparations on the defeated Allies. The result was that the exchange rate of the mark against the United States dollar steadily devalued throughout the war from 4.2 to 7.9 marks per dollar…By November 1923, the American dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks! ~ Wikipedia

stamp                                                                                                                  The Weimar currency became so worthless it cost 5 billion marks for a single postage stamp! And then of course, there’s the famous story of a German who, needing a loaf of bread for his family, had to haul the mountain of cash in his wheelbarrow to the bakery. While he was inside, thieves dumped the cash out onto the street and stole the wheelbarrow!

The Weiner Republic

G.K. Chesterton distinguishes the practical man from the thinking man: “A practical man means a man accustomed to merely daily practices, to the way things commonly work. When things will not work, you must have the thinker, the man who has some doctrine about why they work at all.”

Paying people money to teach your children without inculcating in them first the necessary character and desire to learn is like planting a rock in expensive soil and expecting it to grow. It won’t, no matter how expensive the soil. ~ Randall Smith, “Teaching Catholic Character”

There’s no mystery to the mind of the man Barnhardt refers to as the single most repulsive, odious, embodying-every-possible-negative-stereotype-about-Jews Jew, Carlos Danger himself, “The Mongoose”, Anthony Weiner. It is in fact, a shallow self-indulgent black hole completely devoid of the exact “necessary character” Smith teaches and writes about. Another article by David Carlin that caught my eye in the very same week Carlos Danger re-erected himself, laments the disappearing Christian virtues of chastity, humility, and love of neighbor in the Weiner Republic…qualities no doubt viewed as an archaic stifling albatross around the neck of a progressively modern society to the Progressive god-like-mind of Weiner.

In fact, studying the characters of Weiner, Schumer, and Clinton against the decaying backdrop of the society their Progressive policies have created, we are able to divine the darker intention of Progressivism; People who lack “necessary character” and who’ve abandoned the virtues of chastity, humility, and love of neighbor, are a people much easier to control, manipulate, and plunder! Such a people, even though raised in homes by parents who instilled these virtues and values, are easily led astray by the shiny glow of Modernism. Their failure to pass the torch of virtue to their own children condemns them to a dark and sterile zombie land where they are told to speak only when necessary, and to avoid something called “micro-aggressions”!

In the Weiner Republic, the qualities of mindless self-indulgence and narcissism have clearly replaced the “necessary character”. Look no further than the lost soul of Colin Kaepernick for all the proof one needs. He barely understands Hillary’s nature as a thief, but he has no clue about what she has stolen. Disrespecting our flag is like condemning the law for the actions of the lawless…it makes no sense. He is the stereotypical Weiner man, the polar opposite of the Chesterton thinker…he lacks the doctrine to fathom the why. And so we are burdened with a $14-million-dollar whiner!

I live in a beautiful farmhouse with an empty field outside my window where a hot air balloon is launched every Saturday. Watching yesterday as it transformed from its empty flatness on the field to its full potential in the sky, I experienced a profound realization. Virtue and “necessary character” fueled by circumstance is powerfully uplifting! The balloon that appears as empty flatness on the field is the same exact balloon that appears as its full potential in the sky. It is the hot air of circumstance that makes it appear different or changed. It is only and always the hot air of circumstance that lifts us to our true potential.

So in Colin Kaepernick, with only hot air and lacking virtue and necessary character, we are left with an overpaid empty flat balloon in a stadium of booing fans. On the other hand, we have another black NFL star named Burgess Owens who’s brand new book, chock-full of virtue and necessary character, seems to be soaring well above the tree tops. Interesting contrast…

In the end, the Weimar and Weiner Republics are very similar case studies. Both, in my humble opinion, resulted from a significant lapse in moral judgement and behavior by key people in positions of power. There will always be people in our lives who will seek to bring us down or lift us up, but it is only ever and always incumbent on us to think for ourselves and determine our own destiny, and the future for our children.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Weiner Republic

  1. Faustinamaria says:

    I love the parallel Chip. You are an excellent writer and make interesting points!!

  2. Kim says:

    So true and so very, very sad. I did, however find myself uplifted the other day when I listened to an inspirational interview with Burgess Owens. I want to believe there still is hope for the human race!

  3. Chip Murray says:

    Speaking of thinking…I wonder how someone who “has something wrong with their coagulation system” would be able to think as President?

  4. ron8072 says:

    Great work, my friend. Finally got it posted today! Sorry!

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