The Mindfulness of Our Labor

Life's Work

Suzy Arnowitz

That was another world. We’re now seeing whole sectors of work disappearing from our world, and new ones needing to be created. We worry over the winners and losers in globalization, rightly so, and the effects on our politics, and even our culture and morals. But we’re in one of those transitional periods. No presidential election, no series of elections, will resolve things for some time to come. It’s part of the intellectual work we must now do to bring things new and old to bear on our situation. ~ Robert Royal, The Soul of Work

I remember the term often used to describe my father was workaholic. I suppose it’s better than being thought of or remembered as being lecherous, but is it really how any of us would really like to be thought of or remembered? Yesterday, I helped (labored) a friend to clean and organize a room in her basement. I was struck by her joy in achieving the results of our labor. But I wonder, to the point of Robert Royal’s article, how many of us work for the sake of work in a mindless sort of way, with little or no real sense of purpose? Yesterday I covered Chesterton’s Thinking Man, and today God introduces him to the Working Man

The idea of purpose is an interesting one, especially when we juxtapose our own with the likes of a Churchill or a Gandhi…or Jesus Christ Himself. But how many of us associate our life’s work with a purpose beyond the need to put bread on the table, educate our children, and create financial security and independence in our retirement? I know…I believe most of us know in our most secret hearts, there is something more to this life…why we are here.

This is not only a good day to ponder these things, this is the perfect season to do so. We are leaving the summer of our lives and entering the home stretch as it were. How very blessed we are to have another day, to take stock of family and friends, to measure the value of all we hold dear, and to adjust our time, energy and passion accordingly.

Dedicated to the loving memory of my dear departed friend, Suzy Arnowitz. She made every precious second count. The soul of her work was music, and those of us who heard her sing and play are the richer for it. Hear her for yourself ~ Lullabye  


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