The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Squishiness”

St. Augustine's Conversion

St. Augustine’s Conversion

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. ~ Romans 5:3-4

“‘And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.’ This is the act by which Abraham goes out of himself and relies upon God for righteousness and grace. Abraham had manifested many noble qualities of heart and many virtues in his walk of life, but these did not make him righteous before God. That was accomplished through his living confidence in God…The justification of every sinner is by faith, and by faith alone. But it is our just walk that proves Him just in saving us. If we do not walk in the life of faith, we are a slander to God.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Great Solution

I’ve discovered a great site for better understanding our world in The Catholic Thing, where I find a daily treasure trove of essay and response focused on living our faith in this world. When I think of the great lions of faith throughout history, they all possess a steel-like firmness of character that, the more I think about it, seems to act as an iron dome protecting the soft purity of their souls. There was absolutely no “squishiness” in them whatsoever…

So I’m reading TCT one morning last week to find a remarkable example of the intellectual rot responsible for today’s cultural squishiness unwittingly posited by a man named after a fish. Mr. Marlin’s hat-tip to NPR in the second sentence was an early indicator of the fishy smell beneath the surface of Marlin’s attempt to paint a fantasy using historical colors. Catholics and U.S. Populist Movements

He writes “In our own time, populist movements led by irresponsible extremists on both ends of the political spectrum have embraced ‘hatred as a form of creed.’

On the extreme right, there are countless charges about ‘strangers in the land’ – Catholic Hispanics, Muslim Middle Easterners, Hindu Indians – depriving ‘real’ Americans of jobs and their fair shot at the American Dream.

On the extreme left, there are populists who condemn our Constitutional Republic as immoral, oppressive, and evil; and denounce Catholics, Protestants, and Jews who disagree with their progressive social agenda, as deplorable fear-mongering racists, homophobes, and misogynists – who are ‘irredeemable.’” Seriously…I feel as though I’ve just witnessed a 4-year-old’s attempt at his first magic trick. Sadly, his trick seemed to work on at least one of the early commenters here. Oh well, “some of the people some of the time” becomes most of the time here in Squishiville. I was a bit less kind…

With all respect to the author’s thorough historical assessment of “populism”; yesterday’s populist is no more akin to the populist of today, than yesterday’s Democrat resembles the Democrat of today. There is no moral equivalency between the populist elements on the Left with their counterparts on the Right. The “paranoia, heated exaggeration, suspiciousness and conspiratorial fantasy” you falsely apply to both, are the exclusive tools used by the Left to attack the Right. All one has to do to be branded as an extremist on the Right, is declare Jesus Christ our King, and/or take an Oath to the Constitution…and mean it. You show your Globalist colors Mr. Marlin. The enemy of all mankind is the “Establishment” and our own squishiness, as one of my favorite commenters put it.

There are no accidents or coincidences in the bread crumbs God lays out for us to follow. This very morning Russell Shaw puts up his Links in the Chain at TCT, which connects us perfectly to Romans 5:3-4 and Oswald Chamber’s Great Solution…in stark contrast to Marlin’s fish out of water…as only God can do! Show me a squishy link, and I’ll show you a useless chain.

Progressives are great at the appearance of Abraham’s “noble qualities of heart” in their talk. But only when we study their walk do we find the two fatal flaws that give them away;

  1. There is no “living confidence in God”. They do not believe.
  2. Every song they sing, every product they sell, and every idea they promote is crafted to steer us all away from tribulation.

The heart-breaking horror show playing out on the American political stage before our very eyes, as the world sits perilously perched on the powder keg of complete insanity, is the direct result of our squishiness.

George "Mr. Squishy" Marlin

George “Mr. Squishy” Marlin

Own it, and pray for the miracle of St. Augustine’s conversion captured so beautifully by Mr. Shaw this morning. With every breath…opportunity.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Squishiness”

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Progressives/liberals think that all we need is food, shelter, clothing, education and all will be well. But they don’t address the sin problem, because they think we are born good.

    Christianity teaches that we are born evil and in need of a savior, Jesus Christ. Before you can get rid of the problem or the sin, you have to name the sin or confess the sin. Even secular psychologists emphasize the naming of a problem or the exposing of the problem before we can address and solve the problem. Wicked people are always in denial that they are wicked; most blind people don’t know that they are blind until someone tells them that they are blind. Reminds me of Obama, who never calls Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists.

    To the progressive, everything can be rationalized, everything is gray. This is why Mr Marlin thinks that right-wing populists and left-wing populists are similar because they are populists. To a Christian, everything is good or evil—and the fence-sitters are more evil than the evil (He will spew the lukewarm church out of His mouth).

    I used to know a couple of agnostics back in Ames, Iowa: he taught biochemistry at Iowa State University and his wife had a Ph.D genetics. They knew that I was a Christian. He thought that fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims were both the same thing because they were both fundamentalists. Immediately (and somewhat mockingly), I told him that a fundamentalist conservative was the same thing as a fundamentalist liberal and he didn’t say much after that.

    Progressives are horribly blinded by their sin.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Well said Tim. To one-up Reagan who famously said, “The most dangerous words in the English language; I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”, I would argue that the famous Progressive words are far deadlier; “It’s all good.”

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