Thoughts & Suggestions to Make America Great Again

Mr. President

Mr. President

Today has been a day of elation for some and deflation for others. Regardless of which camp you are in, the American People have spoken. I’ve been thinking a lot about where we’ve been for the past eight years, and I am praying with all my heart Donald Trump means what he says about uniting us. Here are some thoughts I have on that;

  • Replace political correctness with honest and open dialogue.
  • Replace pay to play with a system of integrity and the same rule of law for everyone.
  • Replace the scam of “social justice” with ethics and civics…or teach in another country.
  • Replace the scam of Obamacare with an ethical market-driven system that allows insurance companies to compete across state lines, where doctors are incentivized to practice good medicine.

And here are my initial suggestions for our new President:

Kellyanne Conway ~ Chief of Staff

Rudy Giuliani ~ Attorney General

Ben Carson ~ Health & Human Services Secretary

Newt Gingrich ~ Secretary of State

Gen. Mike Flynn ~ Secretary of Defense

Senator Mike Lee ~ To replace Justice Scalia

And above all, may we humble and right ourselves before God, that he may continue to bless America.

Still thinking…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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10 Responses to Thoughts & Suggestions to Make America Great Again

  1. D. says:

    I am so with you right now. You point out perfect people for great roles in this next chapter in the life of our nation. I am exhausted and emotional after all that has happened and I am very happy. I feel like the Dickens character, Ebenezer Scrooge in a “Christmas Carol” after he sees visions of the past, present and future, then he wakes up and realizes that he has a chance to change the course of his life. Merry Christmas Chip and everyone.

  2. Faustinamaria says:

    I like Andrew Napolitano for Supreme Court Justice. Forget Newt he is an establishment person. Rudy for FBI chief and Laura Ingraham for Attorney General. Secretary of State should go to Ron Paul. Just saying.

    • Chip says:

      Hmmm…while all your picks would be a 100% improvement over the current post holders, I’m not understanding Ingramhm for AG…and Ron Paul is not a foreign policy guy.

  3. Faustinamaria says:

    Ingraham is a devout Catholic and she is an attorney. And Ron Paul because he is against war.

    • Chip Murray says:

      You may be able to sell me on Ingraham, but you just disqualified Paul with your own words, “He is against war.” Where would the world be without Churchill? Think!

      • Chip, most conservative Americans believe that Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill were great men.

        To disabuse them of dangerous propaganda about Lincoln, I refer them to this blog article, in which I link to six books exposing the most execrable monster to ever sit in the White House, mouthing godly aphorisms:

        To enlighten them on the monster from the UK, I refer them first to this 2004 article at Mises Institute, by Adam Young. It is a bit lengthy, but worth the investment, I assure you:

        Then I would direct you to either of two superb books. Either read ‘Churchill, Hitler and an Unnecessary War’, by Pat Buchanan, or ‘Great Wars and Great Leaders’ by Ralph Raico.

        Grace and peace,

        David Zuniga
        Author, ‘Fear The People’

  4. Wesley A Love says:

    Wow, what an amazing turn around – so much for those who are called “experts”. How could this outcome have occurred? How could they have missed such an important component of the electorate? I can think of only one correct response. God answered our prayers to heal our land. May these prayers continue as there is much to be done and many dangers ahead.

    I like your suggestions on the staff and cabinet positions. Let us pray that the President-Elect will take the same good advice and use the same sound judgment that led him to choose Mike Pence as VP. President-Elect Trump has shown a past history of picking good people to do a job and then letting them accomplish it.

    Let me close with a little kidding. I was considering sending our new President a gas mask to wear as he “drains the swamp” so that he does not inhale the fumes of this toxic dump (called Washington, D.C.) and be absorbed into their sad (and outdated) thinking and ways.


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