The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Face of Godlessness

Who's the "bitter clinger" now?

Who’s the “bitter clinger” now?

The man who prays ceases to be a fool, while the man who refuses to pray nourishes a blind life within his own brain and he will find no way out on that road. Job cries out that prayer is the only way out in all these matters. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Way Out (Job 28:20, 28)

A most interesting week indeed Dear Friend…

Have you heard the one about the two women on a plane? Of course not…I only met them this past Thursday morning on my connecting flight from Atlanta to Newark. The first, I met in 1st class on my way to the mid-section of the aircraft. She happened to notice my copy of The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and praised it, generating interest in that section of the aircraft. I received an affirming chuckle from the group when I replied, “Yes…all the things they failed to teach us in school.” The second woman was seated in 17D, just in front of me. Picking up on the fact that I was a Trump supporter from the casual pre-flight conversation I was having with the gentleman seated next to me, she stood up, turned around, her face a portrait of rage, bitterness and anger, as she let out a scream from the top of her lungs for all to hear, “KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN!” Stunned, I observed myself somewhere between Cowardly Lion and Braveheart in the face of the Great & Powerful Oz…managing to get out a resounding “This is the United States of America…I will say what’s on my mind!” My neighbor pulled me back from the ledge of escalation, and that was that.

Now, visualize the confrontation I just shared with you as you look closely at the faces in the photo at the top of the page, and place it all in the context of the Chambers quote above. How any good and decent person, knowing what we know after the last eight years, can possibly choose to make their beds in what can best be described as the most obvious above-ground-grave ever devised, is totally and completely beyond my ability to fathom! And it is heart-breaking…

Do you understand the fundamental difference between those of us who pray and those of us who refuse to pray, as we witness the horrific headlines citing violence and calls for Trump’s assassination around the country? Those of us who pray wish for the blessings of a real life for those of us who do not, while those who refuse to pray wish us dead. You can see it in the faces above as clear as day.

But there is something afoot here that concerns me now, more than ever before. There is a level of tension in the two opposing forces that has grown well beyond volcanic in nature. When I think about how my plane confrontation might have gone, juxtaposed to this brilliant shot at the growing legions of “Snowflakes” among us, my concern only deepens. While I LOVE the way the author exposes the absurdity of the “Safe-Space” construct brought to us by our Progressive friends on the far Left of sanity itself, his ending statement troubles me:

So retreat to your safe spaces, grab your adult colouring books and put on a happy face my special snow flakes because regardless of whoever/whatever you are and regardless of what nation it is you reside in, we, the deplorables, are coming for you.

It troubles me (especially the “coming after you” part) because if you imagine us standing before the group above and speaking it to them, our facial expressions would appear the same. So I guess what I am saying…my wish for us…is that we are more careful to be wise in these situations. We need to prepare our minds to discern a most critically important distinction. When the wolf is at your door, you kill it before it devours you and those you love. But when dealing with poor losers and mindless children, you keep firm in the light, speak your truth, and above all else…pray for them.

PS ~ Our fight has only just begun!

PSS ~ The best remedy EVER devised for “Snowflake” dementia;

DO not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul from hell. ~ Proverbs 23:13, 14

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10 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Face of Godlessness

  1. dderose2015moneysaver says:


  2. D. says:

    I too have faced hostile, angry individuals who cling to their failed political agenda despite a vote of no confidence by the American people. People whose moral underpinnings cause them to curse Trumps children on the street or issue death threats against him because they don’t any longer understand democracy. People like the passenger on the plane thatbyou met.
    Your post today gave me the courage this morning to tell a progressive musician, that I have known for years, just how I feel about her implications and snide comments about the election. Unlike her, I did a point by point logical rebuttal. I did not raise my voice but I am not going to be dismissed anymore.

  3. Faustinamaria says:

    What I don’t get is why these “grassroots” “organic” protesters can’t see that the policies Trump wants to enact will actually give them a chance of hope. And why isn’t George Soros being brought up on criminal charges for inciting riots?

  4. armine says:

    Thanks, Chip. I, too, have been confronted by hostile and angry people. Most recently, two days ago driving in West Hollywood with my daughter… a woman with rage!!

    • Chip Murray says:

      Oh Armine, I am so sorry to hear that. I can relate. We need to flush these Marxist scoundrels from our schools. They should be treated exactly as the child abusers and predators they are. Putin was recently quoted to say, “A society that will not protect its children has no future.” This has to end.

  5. D. says:

    Wow, this post has brought out so many experiences and allowed people to vent a bit. We are all on the front lines of this cultural war and we are all battle-scarred. We all have lots of stories like you do Chip.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Stop and reflect…the “experts” are flummoxed. The “powers that be” are scrambling. The “Shepherds” are hedging. We can continue to follow them. OR…we can finally listen to the sweet whisper welling up in us all the while.

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