The Surrender of Warwick

The Saddest Thing These Eyes Have Seen.

The Saddest Thing These Eyes Have Seen.

Night before last I saw the heralded Mel Gibson movie Hacksaw Ridge with very good friends. It equaled and quite possibly surpassed Saving Private Ryan as one of the best portraits of Western Man at his most exquisite best. I say “surpassed” because Gibson added relationship to God here. Last night, it grieves me to say, I witnessed the polar opposite of this portrait of valor at a Village Board meeting in the Village of Warwick NY.

Pressured by the Progressives in his community, Democratic Liberal Mayor Michael Newhard submitted to their demands to remove the blue line he had painted on Railroad Ave. to honor police officers hours BEFORE last night’s public hearing. He had his people paint a red and white stripe on either side of the blue line. I was among the crowd of police supporters who vastly outnumbered what can best be described as the very worst dregs of human civilization huddled like diapered infants in a crib, babbling incoherent liberaleze…one of them actually declared herself to be speaking within a “Safe Space”, which elicited a roaring “WHAT?” that flew from my lips like a cannon. My friend Clay pointed to the “Safe Space” sticker Warwick’s “Snowflake” Mayor had affixed to the door.

I have never felt so ashamed in my entire life. God placed the stark contrast of honor and this despicable weakness of character on my palate for a reason. Like the college aged young woman He placed in my path at the end of the evening for me to ask of her what she knew of the cost of freedom…for me to hear her regurgitate the hatred in her heart, molded into two words like a little snowflake snowball: “White Men”! I could only think how lucky those souls who died on Okinawa were not to have lived to see this. As I said to a TCT (The Catholic Thing) Resident Snowflake the other day, “Progressive Liberalism is as antithetical to the Eucharist as Sharia Law is to the US Constitution.” Their essence is a cancerous rot that only God Himself can possibly remove. War is our only means to the end they invite…time after time after time.

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10 Responses to The Surrender of Warwick

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Wow, Chipo. How sad to read……

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  2. Jennie says:

    I’m sorry and I’m sad. I’ve been watching Warwick and the slippery slope. The wimps in their weakness are winning. It’s an oxymoron!


    • Chip Murray says:

      They are only winning in their minds. The line itself is nothing. It is what the line represents. They unwittingly increased the value of the line’s symbolic meaning to most of the people in Warwick…which by degree will harden the hearts of the people towards the line-protesters, making them the real “losers”. Which is yet another example of why (repeat after me) “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

  3. Ron says:

    I see Newhard folded like the cheap pandering lowlife that he is. Oh well, just vote him out and let him drink coffee with the other liberal trash on Main St who sit around all afternoon and do squat.

    • Chip Murray says:

      I feel and understand your anger Ron. Sometimes anger has a way of boomeranging on us. I choose to think of it like this: I used to think of Liberalism as the perfectly natural left wing of an aircraft that requires both left and right wings to fly…until “it” rose up to demand the removal of the right wing! “Love the sinner, hate the sin” my friend. Far more effective…and way healthier. Merry Christmas brother.

  4. Chip Murray says:

    The Blue was done to honor the men and women who deserve the honor. Period. The majority of the citizens of this town support it. The ideal compromise would be for this mayor to restore the blue line and increase the number of Safe Spaces…one for each Snowflake. So instead of having one in the Village Hall, which will be designated Sane Space for sane people, they will each have one provided for them in their own homes under their own beds. Problem solved!

  5. Chip Murray says:

    Good News…it appears the Mayor and the Board have decided to restore the Blue Line!

  6. armine says:

    So sad that people are so misguided and not tolerant. Liberals love to claim they are tolerant, but they are not.

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