The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Lighthouse

What Friends Are For…

I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help? My help come from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. ~ Psalm 121:1-2

On the last Sunday in June our pastor’s son Tim delivered the sermon “What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life” taken from Mark 10:13-31. Last Sunday’s SMTU message was The Call of God. This past week I watched the Cecil B DeMille epic Moses, opened my heart in true confession to an old friend…and discovered my own Lighthouse in relation to a new one. This morning’s TCT reveals The Three Ages of the Interior Life…

This morning’s TCT opens with “The desire to be holy is natural to us.” I want to add, “As is the desire to forsake the higher desire for the lower and more attainable fruits.” And after all, in this modern world, how impossible to the mind is even the first step on the higher path when presented with Jesus’ famous Mark 10 “Eye of the Needle” challenge? But at the same time, our deepest heart knows the truth of all truths. The one we keep buried beneath layers upon layers of earthly distraction. We are ALL, every last one of us looking up “to the hills” for the Psalm 121 “Help” we know can never be found here.

Think about the impossibility of what must be given up by the average person to obtain the help we are seeking. And then think about the infant who became a child raised to be a prince, groomed to inherit a kingdom who at the very doorstep of all earthly wealth and power attainable, turned away from it all to answer the cries of his own people…and another voice he would come to know as the call of God. But before he would climb Mt. Horeb to take up God’s staff, he literally sunk himself into the lowest of the low as a slave in the Pharaoh’s mud pits…to make of himself the very brick of God’s purpose.

It is from this place of understanding I found my own lighthouse, inspired by the love of another…knowing the wretched sin of my nature, the greatest love of all is our highest calling, and the third “Unitive” way…seek and ye shall find (as long as You are there to see me through).

The Lighthouse Rain

Looking out from here, I miss seeing what I’m looking for…

The ocean rain is washing away that part of me that wants…

Leaving me to know the sailors’ dreams and feel the seabirds’ joys…

Looking out to protect, watching over the one…

One more day is done,

(From my window…)

Another night to come,   

In Heaven ~ CM July 10, 2017

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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