The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Call of God

Can you hear it?

If you refuse to agree with the fact that there is vice and self-seeking, something downright spiteful and wrong in human beings, instead of reconciling yourself to it, when it strikes your life, you will compromise with it and say it is of no use to battle against it. Have you made allowance for this hour and the power of darkness, or do you take a recognition of yourself that misses out sin? ~ Oswald Chambers, The “Why” of Judgment

What a week! I spent the 4th with my best friend and his family in Jersey. They are, to my mind, the pinnacle of the American Dream. Hard working, America loving, Family first! Unlike most of the people I grew up with, these friends are painfully aware of what President Trump described perfectly to the world at the G20 Summit, as the “war against Western Civilization by the domestic enemies within.”

Something interesting happened to me this week that leads up to my selecting the “Call of God” as the theme of this morning’s SMTU. 1) An “ignorance is bliss” discussion my friend and I had about our mutual friend who intentionally shuts out the world of politics and buries his family’s head so deep, his wife once asked the question “Who is Ben Ghazi?” 2) I felt alien during two retirement planning interviews with clients, where it actually seemed to me as though we were living on two different planets…and I was the one out of place. 3) The reading of Father Mark Pilon’s, “That Vital Analogy of Being” 4) Finally, for some reason, I thought about this other friend we were once so very close with, there was no separating us…who has made himself so much of the world in his corporate ivy tower, he has literally wiped clean the server of his past along with everyone in it.

All these things led me to deep reflection, causing me to wonder what makes us who we are? I closed out last Sunday with the Call of God, from Chambers’ The Voice of God’s Nature. I suppose it only makes sense that one would have to know Him in order to hear His voice. But then 1) It would seem to me that anyone who buries his head this deeply doesn’t know the “voice of God’s nature”, and doesn’t trust or believe in the earthly one either. 2) How do you help those who’ve secured their earthly retirement and put nothing away for their heavenly one? 3) What did God “create and sustain me” to be? 4) What voices do such people hear…what call do they follow? There is something more disturbing than even I could describe in such a man as this.

Doesn’t it all come down to morality? Aren’t happier times made so by more good people being led by moral men? Isn’t the opposite true of immoral societies ruled by corrupt psychopaths otherwise known as politicians and/or global elites? Well then, who determines and becomes the arbiter of morality? Our Founders knew “the recipe”, and they lovingly baked the most marvelous cake of posterity. So deliciously wonderful was this cake, our father’s fathers fought and died to pass it on to us. They called it America, but thought of her as Freedom: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Shakespeare once quipped from a place where he must have been able to see us from so far off, “Kill the Lawyers.” But then, I’m certain, he hadn’t met the jackals who prey on children’s minds in the jungles of Liberal Academia…yet. For a thorough and complete understanding of how the great ship of America has gone so far off course, look no further than the fool who allowed Professor Hull into her wheelhouse in the first place. Did you know that the late, great Jackie Robinson was a “Utopian”??? For those of you reading who know friends with their heads buried, IF YOU LOVE THEM: Grab them by the scruff of their necks and force them to gaze upon the world their willful blindness has created. Because, left to their own timing, there will be no Western Civilization left to save when they pop their heads up for air. This was my response to my old Professorial friend:

Jackie Robinson a Utopian? Seriously Dick?? Webster: Utopia ~ an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal. It seems to me that you insult an iconic human being like Robinson by referring to him as a “Utopian”. I think, were he alive today, he’d be the first to tell you that there was nothing imaginary about his accomplishments. How about pioneer? Wouldn’t that be more fitting? Funny you didn’t put Obama in that category, because everything about him was imaginary…”hope and promise”…dust in the wind. Frankly, I believe all you guys on the Left need to rethink your whole Utopia thing…its kind of killing us. Respectfully, your ol’ Sugar Loaf “State of Mind” Pal.

Or…as Ann Barnhardt put it herself this week; We’ve heard enough about the rights of men.  Let us now return our focus to what we should have been focused on all along: the rights of God 

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Call of God

  1. D. says:

    As usual, I will chew off a bit of the big meal that you are feeding one’s mind with in today’s blog post. I am thinking about the “War on Western Civilization.” What does that look like? Here is a subtle thing to look for in your life. You might be at a museum, as I was this morning in Zürich,Switzerland. I went to one of their special exhibits entitled, “Archaeology in Switzerland.” There was a sort of pre-exhibit containing ancient documents highlighting William Tell, the Swiss National Hero. William Tell was one of the characters pivotal in unifying this country to nationhood. William Tell’s story is recounted by William Bennett in his work, “The Book of Wisdom” as pivotal to the formation of Western Culture and Civilization. Yet, the museum curators putting this exhibit together think it just fine to reference the book by Max Freist which describes William Tell and his ilk as mean-spirited and xenophobic! Shocking. Switzerland is in a battle just as we are. A few years ago, there was a battle in Zurich to pass a law not to allow mosques to be built in Zurich. They passed that measure. However, the liberal population has decried this move as xenophobic and mean-spirited. ….the war on western civilization.

    • Chip Murray says:

      I’m jealous D…Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. They have a history of national security and putting their people first. I wasn’t aware of the Max Freist story, but he sounds like our Professor Hull. Think about the tenacity of the Left. Its not enough to warp the minds of our youth as a teacher, but who better to rewrite history than a historian? We have so much damage to undo, it seems overwhelming.

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