Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Purpose Under Heaven

Not On Our Watch!

Wisdom gives strength to the wise man more than ten rulers that are in a city. Keep the king’s command, and because of your sacred oath be not dismayed; go from his presence, do not delay when the matter is unpleasant, for he does whatever he pleases. For the word of the king is supreme, and who may say to him, “What are you doing?” He who obeys a command will meet no harm, and the mind of a wise man will know the time and way. ~ Ecclesiastes 7:19, 8:2-5

Dedication: Good Morning Dear Friend. This blog dates back to my very first post on November 22, 2010…the 47th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. This was the moment in my life when I realized there was something deeply and profoundly wrong in our world, and that hunting that something down was the most important thing in my lifemy purpose. Today’s SMTU is dedicated to the selfless courage and determination of the countless men and women who have sacrificed cherished relationships, position, prestige…in some cases, their families, homes, and fortunes, all for the sake of truth, honor, country and God.

What kind of a farmer ignores the fox and weed?

  • The weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the IRS against the American People.
  • The campaign against the American People by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • The targeting and censorship of the American People by the Social Media Giants.
  • The betrayal of the American People by the Main Stream Media/News Networks

…The “highest level of Christian Persecution/Genocide ever.”

I’ll skip over the particular weed/fox that is our public education system for the moment. To my mind in most cases, sending our children through the public education system is more a reflection of our laziness than anything else. It’s like feeding our kids McDonalds Happy Meals because we’re too lazy to cook…except unhealthier. But it is clearly something that needs some serious reform if we are to have any kind of future worth living.

What kind of shepherd abandons his flock?

For the idols speak delusion;                                                                                                            The diviners envision lies,                                                                                                               And tell false dreams;                                                                                                                      They comfort in vain.                                                                                                                    Therefore the people wend their way                                                                                              like sheep;                                                                                                                                          They are in trouble because there is                                                                                                  no shepherd. ~ Zechariah 10:2

“Between 2006 and 2016, suicides by white children between ages 10 and 17 skyrocketed 70%; while black children are less likely than white children to kill themselves, their suicide rate also jumped 77%… There seems to be a crisis of meaning taking place in America. And that crisis of meaning is heavily linked to a decline in religious observance.”  BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!

Now, you may be thinking that you personally know good farmers and some very good shepherds. I myself am blessed to know and count these folks as my friends and once-upon-a-time-neighbors. And I was baptized hardly more than a mile from the farm last year by Pastor Craig Adams right here. In fact, dear friend…they would be my neighbors to this day were it not for the fox and weed.


We are all farmers in this life, which binds us all to the solemn duty to protect our property as well as our freedoms. How free are any of us if we can’t protect these things? We may believe we are doing these things and fulfilling our purpose as Life Insurance professionals. Few people in this world do more to protect property and individual freedom than a good life insurance salesperson. But how protected was property, and how free were the people in Hitler’s Germany, or Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and Chavez’s Venezuela? They all had good life insurance salespeople. The fact is that we would have fallen into Clinton’s America had it not been for the countless brave men and women who were faithful to the kind of purpose I am talking about this morning.


Ecclesiastes refers to the king’s command. There are good kings and bad kings. History’s known far more of the latter. Xerxes LIVES! Xerxes IS the bad king…the “god king”…

“‘The new technique and ideology of government is aimed at creating (societies) without an identity,’ Kövér said, asserting that ‘both ethnic majorities and minorities’ are being targeted by an ever-expanding ‘global government…They want to strip people of their religious, national, family, and even sexual identities, so that they are no longer able to recognize, express or enforce their own interests,’ he asserted. ‘Potential colonists will occupy the minds of people and communities to be captivated.’”

How do you know the good king from the bad? When the king is good the whistleblower is rewarded. When the king is bad, the (Seth Rich) dies. Good King Leonidas says to the hunchback who betrayed him, as he prepares to die, “May you live forever.”

It’s been more than thirty years since the wolf and the winter cold. And now, as then, it is not fear that grips him, only restlessness. A heightened sense of things.

Purpose…A heightened sense of things…

My command and purpose as a Christian is to love as my King loved. Imagine loving each other as He loves us. It is impossible to love on this level and abide the lies and deception we have, I’m afraid to say, grown quite accustomed to. Yesterday’s “March For Our Lives” was an elaborately staged lie by the very same global elites…the Xerxes Kövér is warning us about. Let it be our wake-up-call to the purpose God intended. They are coming with everything they have to take everything you have.


They may have disarmed my children, stripping them of their wisdom and discernment while I slept. But they will never take my right to defend them now that I am fully awake and engaged.

The test of Truth is the revelation of the Son of God in me, not as a divine anticipation, but as a delightful activity now. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Context of the Bible

Change A Life, Give A Bible

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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