The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Fall 2.0

Fool Me Four Times

Personal acquaintance with God shows itself in separation, symbolized by Abraham’s physical separation from his country and his kindred. Jesus Himself emphasized this need for separation (see Luke 14:26). Nowadays, such separation often involves a moral rather than a physical severance as we detach ourselves from the way those nearest and dearest to us think and look at things, if they do not have a personal relationship with God. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Calling of Abraham

We are living through remarkable times. I myself was a live-and-let-live sort of guy until the moment I realized the SJW invitation to “Coexistence” excluded traditional-minded, family-value-oriented, patriotic Americans…with extra bonus points for taking down the White Christian Alpha Male.

Today I am only a thread on God’s loom. It is He who weaves this in from yesterday:

“Apparently, colonialism is only to be condemned in the past tense; indeed, we are convinced that the nihilistic replacement for what we have rejected – Christianity – needs to be exported with missionary zeal.” So powerfully true Matthew…If we step back and ponder the group photos of Carter, Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s looking oh so cozy. The NWO seed planted by Wilson so fully in bloom…They are all now “The Graduate” wedding party, angrily mumbling curse words under their breath as Ben (Trump) swoops in to save the Bride…or is it Jack and the Bean Stalk…I don’t know. But God has a way of falling the mighty. Truth is the ultimate Golden Goose. If I would have nothing, not a penny to my name, and none but Truth as my friend in the end, I will die a rich man. “The Calling of Abraham”.

Its like the difference between God’s order and His permissive will. His permissive will allows the Devil to do his worst and allows me to sin as I choose, until I choose to resist the Devil, quit sinning, and come to God in the right relationship through Jesus Christ. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Abiding Relationship

Prior to The Fall 1.0 Adam and Eve were literally living a Heaven-on-Earth sinless existence in complete harmony with their Creator…until the first earthly epic moment event, from which everything changed. This began the new incremental slow march to the very brink of the present epic moment event at the very doorstep of The Fall 2.0. If we characterize the Deep State personas into one caricature, we have the portrait of evil that has matured and developed as the global and exact polar opposite…the very negative image of pre-Fall Adam and Eve. I challenge the reader here to throw their power of critical thinking into hyper drive with me on this. If Fall 1.0 was the fall from good, and The Fall 2.0 is the (final?) fall from evil, all of which fits neatly within the boundaries of Biblical prophecy…what are the potential extrapolations? What is possible from here?

So, I had this “what if” dream/vision. What if, by God’s grace, the Bush’s, McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey, and Bergoglio etc., all realized the game is over and turned to God in a genuine move of repentance. Let that sink in a moment. Think about the tremendous sigh of relief the world would breathe IF those holding it for ransom suddenly freed the hostage. WORLD PEACE. They will never do so because 1) they don’t believe there is any worthy power above them, and 2) they do believe they have enough followers to eventually overturn the election and place themselves back in power where they rightfully belong…and of course 3) they themselves are only pawns of the darkest denizens of the Deep.

I remember when it was all real. When we lived within our means in modest homes with larger families actually living the American Dream. We lost it somewhere along the way. Keeping up with the Jones’s quickly became outdoing the Jones’s and undoing the most important part of who we once were.

God is slow to anger. He gave the people of Noah’s time a 100-year warning. He promised never again. But He also promised to return without warning… “like a thief in the night”. Now would be a good time to examine the charts, fix our location, and reaffirm the most important relationship of all…before the Fall.


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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Fall 2.0

  1. Touché! I would not have thought to include Bush in the Deep State, but comparing the fruit of his presidency with President Trump’s even in this short time, one must wonder.

  2. D. says:

    I find it amazing how the Oswald Chambers quote at the top of your posts always seem to be visionary as to the times that we live in, even though Chambers was writing in the early twentieth century! Wow. Also, the picture of the former presidents together is so creepy. That picture also seems to summarize your writing this week. Great truths told today.

    • Chip Murray says:

      It’s my daily read (My Utmost Devotional) that happens to fall into place. “The Calling of Abraham” from yesterday, and “The Abiding Relationship” from the day before. Chambers was a Lion of the Faith…right up there with C.S. Lewis and Chesterton.

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