The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Indoctrination

Thought Control

IN-DOC-TRI-NA-TION ~ the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

We lost a literary icon and pioneer in author/novelist Tom Wolfe this past week. I wrote to a painfully modest friend, “He was so good at seeing people, if he wrote you, you yourself would step back and thank God for creating you.” Think of the remarkable American tapestry of flesh and spirit this man saw from Haight Ashbury to Cape Canaveral and the Bronx! Rich, colorful, creative, and boundless were we…

Our indoctrination, a virtual impossibility fifty years ago, has rendered our once brilliant cultural cloth a cold and sterile monolithic grey. And the horrific irony of it all, from the brush of the artist responsible…the many splendored promise of a multi-cultural utopia, has turned out hell on earth. Psychic razor wire and thought IEDs diabolically embedded in the young mind taught to seek safe space from the “microaggressions” we used to think of as the food-for-thought and opinions.

What we thought of as brain-washing fifty years ago required a complete and total isolation of the subject from any and all sources of information/data/stimuli not under the complete control of those planting the desired “set of beliefs”. Today, the set of beliefs have been universally designed, globally adopted, and corporately delivered so that what the modern agents of propaganda (teachers) inject, is nearly 100% environmentally supported via the subjects’ (students’) smart phones, favorite recording artists, favorite cable shows, and (tragically) community leaders we once thought of in terms like “town fathers” of local government…for very good reason.

In Warwick, where 1,300 out of 33,000 turn out to vote on the school budget that funds the local ministers of propaganda via their property taxes, the Town Fathers invite the U.N. Snake itself in to do their “Visioning” for them. See Gianni Longo on page 67 of this Who’s Who of the New World Order’s Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative. “Never before in the history of life on planet Earth has there been so many opportunities for redemption.” Without God mind you. What they don’t tell you is that redemption to their mind means the complete surrender of your individual property rights and freedom…to the greater “Collective Good”.

Warwick is a community stricken by thought control that does not realize its own disease. We’ve set up a community discussion forum, Common Sense Warwick, to push back against the madness. Our indoctrination is a 100% top-down U.N.-fed narrative delivered to your door with the help of groups like Community 2000 in Warwick. This is why the kids we send off to school to learn, are coming home confused about gender, rejecting their own masculinity, needing safe spaces to shield them from microaggressions and challenging opinions. I had one of the C2000 members who runs the Liberal version of our CSW, “Warwick Together”, once defend the Left’s favorite tool Political Correctness saying, “Don’t you think people should be courteous to one another.” At our last CSW forum on the topic of Gun Control vs Our 2nd Amendment Rights, we had a woman visibly upset and triggered by the simple statements of Conservative voices speaking in defense of our rights, stand up and lecture the room about how afraid she has become as a “journalist” to speak her mind, and then proceeded to criticize our forum for not being what she thought it was supposed to be. In that moment it became crystal clear to me. The Left FEARS most what it does not have complete and total control over. Which is why, above all else, they hate God and those of us who actually believe in Him.

Last week I accompanied a father as we went to visit his 29-yr-old son serving a six-month sentence in county jail for doing the things that drug addicts do. We spent an hour talking and I sensed a good soul suffering circumstance in the body of bad choices…not unlike so many of us. At one point in the discussion I looked at him and said, “You know drug addiction is one of the most selfish things there is.” He agreed without hesitation. I have come to realize in my 65 years that the selfishness of Liberalism, makes drug addiction the pastime of saints by comparison.

The father said to me as we were leaving the jail, “He just wants to be loved.” I thought to myself, as we came upon a Mexican couple whose car with a dead battery was nose-to-nose with my jumper-cable-equipped car, how amazing God’s love is. Just the day before I had a friend re-introduce me to the Nat King Cole classic “Nature Boy”the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.


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