The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Idiots and Ideology

“Forced to lie to ourselves about reality.”

No greater joy can I have than this, to hear that my children follow the truth. ~ 3 John 1:4

Origin of the word “Idiot”:                                                                                                                  In ancient Athens contributing to politics and society in general was considered the norm and highly desirable. Being apolitical and selfish was frowned upon and all citizens aspired to be politically active…Those who did not contribute to politics and the community were known as “Idiotes” (ΙΔΙΩΤΕΣ), originating from the word “Idios” (ΙΔΙΟΣ) which means the self.

Origin of the word “Ideology”:                                                                                                Destutt de Tracy and his fellow French Revolutionary idéologues devised a system of national education that they believed would transform France into a rational and scientific society… “a world whose limits and configuration are assembled from their desires of what they would like to be, not to what is.”

Based upon the Athenian definition, it would appear that the present-day Idiot in the age of the “selfie” is enjoying an explosive ascendancy. Think about that very significant portion of the population as the gleefully willing spice of a too-good-to-be-true recipe of ideologue stew deceived into thinking of itself as the fortunate banquet guest, totally unaware of it’s soon-to-be special delivery into its final resting place in the city sewer system. Time after time after time and time again…

How else does one explain the mind of an Ivy League College student who signs a petition to eliminate his/her own 1st Amendment right to free speech? Ideology.

How else does one explain the mind of a person so full of rage and hatred for Trump, they would rather see their own economy fail, defend MS-13 butchers, and root for a ruthless North Korean dictator? Ideology.

How else does one explain the mind of a person so enraged by the separation of an illegal alien child from its illegal alien mother, and yet totally OK with American babies murdered by their own American mothers? Ideology.

Economist Larry Kudlow likes to say that “profits are the mother’s milk of stocks”. Well, it seems clear to the mind that prefers truth over ideology that idiots are the mother’s milk of ideologues…which is precisely why Vladimir Lenin referred to them as the Useful Idiots who literally paved the way for the enslavement, torture, and murder of millions in the last century.

We came so dreadfully close to our own mass graves here in America, it gives me chills to write the words. Obama was the ideologue puppet with legions upon legions of useful idiots, who so desperately attempted to hand power over to something evil doesn’t go far enough in describing…as it all begins to unfold to those of us with eyes to see. I can’t think of anything more utterly deplorable than a would-be President who forces her would-have-been subjects to live a lie. And, as a true sign of her diabolical nature, deplorable is the word she used to describe us…which may have contributed to her downfall.

As Father Schall writes, “We are, as a consequence, forced to lie to ourselves about reality. We have to insist that abortion is not the killing of an actual human life even though every bit of evidence shows that it is. We have to insist that two members of the same sex can “marry,” which is the one thing they cannot possibly do. The list goes on. One denial of an order in things leads to another. We now find it necessary to prevent people from even talking about some radical error that we have made in our understanding of things.” That is fascist tyranny straight-up my friends. And yet it is the same WE who want our borders secure and our own children safe, who are the ones chased out of restaurants and called the fascists. Ideology!

Take heart in knowing that while sticks and stones may break our bones, thank God and President Trump…WE have The Truth on our side. “American taxpayer-funded welfare is used by 10.3 million non-citizens!”

And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. ~ John 8:32

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Idiots and Ideology

  1. D. says:

    One of the highlights to my trip in Europe has been to explain to genuinely surprised Europeans that everything they heard is false. Further, that there is another way to see such things as: MeToo, tariffs, Iran & Trump. Europe now seems like the old USSR where there is a total news blackout. I am starting to see that one of my purposes for living is explaining this to shocked Europeans.

  2. D. says:

    History does seem to have some strong themes. Just thinking about how Vienna made a stand against the Ottoman Empire and perhaps this theme is repeating.

  3. Denise Mraz says:

    Larry and walt

    Sometimes we need to insert fun into the mix.

    We can run a simple meme campaign based on Chip Murrays article.

    A proposed campaign name is Selfie Less Summer.

    When people click on the meme to register a pop up screen will come up to register their email.

    Simply a pledge to take more family and freinds together pics, instead of selfies.

    Maybe I can get a raffle prize for it.

    I can design an inviting e card for it-you can boost it and it can be available on all social media.

    Wouldnt it be terrific if we could collect 100,000 participants? Or a share button for a million by labor day?

  4. Russ Borner says:

    Excellent piece!…right on point!…many thx!

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