The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Time of Our Lives

The World They’ve Fashioned For US!

Once upon a time in America the Left and the Right actually co-existed even with some bumps along the way because both were tethered to reality. Tragically, that is no longer the case. Could there be anything more untethered from reality than a parade of God/Trump/man-hating lesbian-feminists marching to beat of “Families Belong Together”? Or, these very same “sisters” with a seething intolerance for Christians so unabashedly willing to open their arms and our borders to those best known for wrapping their Iranian sisters in burqas, mutilating their sex organs and throwing gays to their death from rooftops? We did cover this in last week’s SMTU. In case you haven’t noticed, the two words getting the most exposure in print and airwaves today are civil war, and for very good reason I hasten to add. In the time of our lives, we are in for the fight of our lives. The Left in this country is fast becoming a mad dog. There is no compromise, negotiating, or reasoning with a mad dog…as anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience knows.

Moby brought me back to the once upon a time with his “Pop Music is Terrible” lament earlier this week. It made me pine for the once upon a time when our music was so full of life and wonder, romance and love…and then I was finally able to find one of my favorite once-upon-a- time movies that I had been unable to find anywhere. The Time of Their Lives

The music and the movies were better because we were better people creating for the soul purpose of entertaining the audience. Today these industries are dominated by the very worst of us…people like Quentin Tarantino who cheered the Polanski vicious anal rape of a 13-yr-old as consensual. There is an old 60 Minutes interview where Bob Dylan actually admits to his deal with the Devil. From the spark that caught in the early Liverpool days to the present-day shill for the Globalist State Sir Paul…

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes
Indeed you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
~ Bob Dylan

And serve they have. The music score and screenplay for the entire world has been written and produced top-down by the destroyer of men’s souls. Every single boardroom in corporate America dances to the music. Even the Pope! When the Mom & Pop Five & Dimes sold out to the Amazon Box, we lost our independence and worse…our innocence. And those of us who refused to dance became “Deplorable”. Deacon Toner explains the present madness as the “Perennial Illusion”  process of creating “moral Frankensteins”. This is a must-read for anyone and everyone trying to make sense of the world they are trying to find themselves in.

I listened to a radio caller yesterday describe our circumstances perfectly. After laying out the facts of our situation and those responsible she asked the host (Roger Stone), “What can we do?” I found myself talking to the radio. Roger suggested she help “get the word out”. Actually it goes much deeper…like the well Melody and the Tinker found themselves bound to “for all eternity”…until the Truth was discovered. We are Melody and the Tinker in the Time of Our Lives. We who love Truth enough to risk and even give our lives for it will find reward so far beyond the greatest treasures here, I couldn’t possibly describe it to you. Nor do I need to… because something inside each and every one of us already knows. The Time of Our Lives is dangerous because WE made it so. I guess you could say we all got caught up in the dance. But WE will be the ones, the only ones who must decide our fate from this moment on. When a group of bitter lesbian feminists occupy our public square, do we lament behind our computer screens, or do we fill the same square with our own PRO-LIFE response? When the Globalists incite violence and death threats against those who protect the sovereignty of the country we love and ALL we hold dear, do we cower in silence or do we respond as the Americans who came before us in the time of their lives?  WE CAN DO IT!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Time of Our Lives

  1. D. says:

    I just arrived home from a one month trip to Europe. By this point, I know many people and always reach out to a variety of people to ascertain the political climate. Let me give you some thoughts and observations. I have seen a steady progression of anti-Trump and militant sentiment over the last six months, (when I last visited). No wonder, because all the Europeans see on television or learn in school is virulently anti-American. This is whipping them up into a frency. The elite are so pro-migration they state things like: “this is a country of immigrants now” or “we are no longer euro-centric.”

    Europeans have had many more years of living under socialism than we have. So, they don’t even question things anymore. All except the Christians. They are still openly supporting Trump. Time after time, I have seen the ability of the Christian populace, which is small in Europe, be able to understand and articulate the deeper truths of the battle for good and evil playing out today. Young and old, from all walks of life, they have told me Europe is dead and they pray for the possibilty of saving as many as would come to the savior. They told me that I am lucky to live in the United States. They advised me to make the most of it.

    As I have shared in previous commentaries, the Europeans are voracious readers. They love bookstores and have many more shops than we do. I purposely strode around to search for conservative titles in politics, economics, and in various other disciplines. The feeling for me is like a police state. James Comey and Bill Clinton books are recommended as the books of the month. I was waiting for me to be hooked up to a monitor to be force fed this stuff.

    I saw our long-term friendships strained over lunches and dinners as my husband and I tried to interject some “real news” into the discussion. I will not pretend and give up my God-given logic just to be accepted no matter how much they scream. However, my trip to Austria proved to lift my spirits considerably. There I felt I felt the spirit of a time long ago. A time, where a people understood something at the Gates of their city, Vienna. Amazing post Chip. It is great to know someone understands.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Things are about to go hot D. I admonished a good man recently…a Vietnam war veteran who happens to be Puerto Rican for making the comment “what goes around comes around…in response to the white farmers being murdered in South Africa. He has no clue how he’s been manipulated and ginned up to make such a comment. We will have our second Ft. Sumter before the summer’s end. 😦

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