The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Turning Point & True Love

Home Again

Then comes something equivalent to the forty years in the wilderness, discouragement, disaster, upset, as if God had ignored the whole thing. When we are thoroughly flattened out, God comes back and revives the call, and we get the quaver in, and say, “Oh, who am I that I should go.” We have to learn the first great stride of God—“I AM WHO I AM HAS SENT YOU.” ~ Oswald Chambers, Getting into God’s Stride

In last week’s SMTU I shared the story of my having been personally attacked by a person in the online comment section of a local paper, who chose to do so from behind the pseudonym “Hypocrite”. The attacker took his best shot, below the belt, and challenged me to explain myself. I replied by providing this shadow of a man with the link to “Just Another Day in Shadowland”, and my personal invitation for him to ride with me and my fellow Oath Keepers on our hurricane relief mission, where I would be happy to answer him face to face. You will not be surprised to know that shadow did what shadows do…he faded into the shadows.

I have reconnected with an old flame after 38 years. I am enjoying the remarkably cathartic experience of writing “Life After K****a”, feeding her one chapter at a time. I think I’m on Chapter 8, which is the first chapter in Part 2, entitled New Earth…the beginning of our “transformation” in 2008 at the hands of a Great Pretender, and my own transformation from wanderer to socio-political activist. It’s remarkable how crystal-clear life becomes in retrospect. Weak men do create hard times. Shadowland, as it turns out, is FULL of weak men. I have to say, I think I have her hooked. How could she not be? Stephen King could not have dreamt this life we are living. What makes men weak? You guessed it…good times. Generally speaking, and this goes for most all of our Western Civilization, we Baby-Boomers have lived the good times. Well, in 2008 as the Reverend Wright himself said, our chickens were coming home to roost.

Now one might say, here in 2018, that these past ten years haven’t been so bad. The markets are fully recovered. Business has been pretty good. Most of us are living pretty well. But these are all physical indicators tracking material things. How are we doing emotionally and psychologically? How are we feeling about our lives and our relationships with one another? Because I will share with you another indicator that provides the answer to my last question. It’s called the drugs and alcohol indicator. I don’t know about you, but to me, if person has money in the bank, food on the table, and a roof over their head, and is miserable most of the time…that is hard time. And we as a society are doing hard time. We just prefer not to allow ourselves to admit it. And the weak men in high places who brought us here, want us here…to stay. But what can an honest person say about a society that accepts record market highs, and record low unemployment on one hand, and record homelessness on the other, other than it is probably a society destined for the shadows of time.

I believe we are living a pivotal moment in history. We can choose to believe that it is ourselves that choose to reconnect with one another after 38 years, or something in ourselves that brings us back to old friends after 8 years…or we can accept there is something greater than ourselves that wants us back. Yesterday I attended a Reclaim New York, Owners Bootcamp with approximately 65 of my fellow New Yorkers from all over the state. We learned the importance and power of seeking the “Why” in our fellow man when we are looking to build relationship and community. When people tell you what they do, they’ve shared little. When they tell you why, they’ve shared the most important part of themselves. And there was a speaker from Texas, who shared his personal Why, which floored me because it is the same as mine; hunger for the Truth. There is a purge in both Church and State that will turn our world right-side-up again. By the grace of God, there is an Alpha Male Sheepdog in the White House. The super halogen light of God’s justice is shining on the wolves in shepherd’s clothing. And, in perhaps the greatest expression of true love in our time, the men are coming back to take their rightful place in the “New Earth”…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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