The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Just Another Day in Shadowland?



Jesus Christ’s attitude is always that of anti-self-realization. His purpose is not the development of man at all; His purpose is to make man exactly like Himself, and the characteristic of the Son of God is not self-realization but self-expenditure. Spiritual selfishness must go—am I prepared for it to go? ~ Oswald Chambers, Spiritual Discipleship

I was personally attacked recently in the comment section of a local paper by a person using the pseudonym “Hypocrite”.  I don’t believe in pseudonyms because I think they drain what we have to say of character…literally. In fact, I only write the Tune-ups as Shutupnsing as a tongue-in-cheek poke at those who wish I would do so. I make no effort to conceal my identity. My friends as well as my detractors know who I am and where to find me. This was not the first such attack, but they are always from followers of the ideology I love to cover, reveal, and expose for the systemic fraud it happens to be…Modern Liberalism, some might call Progressivism.

Ordinarily, I would not share with you the nature of my past transgression which the attacker used for the purpose of hurting, silencing, and/or embarrassing me. But it is crucially essential to this morning’s message, which I believe most if not all my readers will understand and hopefully appreciate. I hope and pray that Hypocrite will read what I have to say and take it to heart. In one of the recent SMTU’s I referenced Psalm 51, David’s full-throated mea culpa moment…quite possibly the greatest come-to-God moment in the history of man. The only difference between David’s sin and my own was that I did not send my Bathsheba’s husband to the front line to be killed…but my actions hurt him just the same. I destroyed a family eighteen painful years ago. The point in sharing this with you goes to the heart of Chamber’s quote above. In fact, it was pure unchecked spiritual selfishness that drove me to do the unthinkable. Years later my pastor diagramed a triangle he used for counseling couples struggling in relationship. The top point is God, and the bottom points are you and I. You and I may or may not be successful in drawing closer together on our own line. But we can only grow closer when we draw ourselves closer to God. I guess you could say it is one of the few guarantees in this life. It was a major light-bulb-moment for me because as much as I loved her, I loved her for me…it was about how she made me feel. When we draw nearer to God we learn to love through God, as God loves…which, as Chambers points out, is exactly what God wants for us. By the grace of God, we (the husband and I) were able to be together in the same space for the sake of the kids growing up…which says a lot about the man he is, and the point of today’s SMTU.

This was my response to Hypocrite, “So sad to be you…all you have is personal attack and intimidation. You aren’t even man enough to do so as yourself. You are a cowardly shadow. Try being a man sometime…it’s good for you. We act…we fall…we learn…we get up and try to do better. Shadows are too afraid for any of it.”

More importantly, shadows are the reason our world is upside down. Bill Clinton’s impeachment was a pivotal moment in history…quite the opposite of David’s Psalm 51 moment. Clinton single-handedly removed the socio-political stigma associated with lying and made it an art form. The Clintons with the help of MSM became a hugely successful shadow factory, casting shadows onto virtually every level of Church and State, turning our entire world into one global shadowland in less than forty years! The criminals in Rome, untouchables. The criminals in Brussels and the UK, untouchables. And the criminals in D.C., untouchables. Instead, people who get too close to them get suicided…Bourdained, if you will. Or they get de-monitized and banned…Jonesed, you might say. Meanwhile we little people are at each other’s throats on the verge of something more ugly than you can imagine…none of this is possible in a world where men act, fall, learn, get up and try to do better. But Shadowland grows darker instead of brighter, and the untouchables more so BECAUSE too many of us refuse to act, fall, learn, get up and try to do better…preferring instead, the comfort and safety of the anonymity behind a computer screen.

God wiped the slate clean for every single one of us through the blood of His Son on Calvary. Psalm 51 is the complete surrender of David’s knowing and accepting what we as Christians find in our heart-of-hearts, in our own broken hit-the-wall moments…not by the sword…not by threat or intimidation…not by fear of losing…but voluntarily of and by our own free will.

So, imagine…

Instead of responding to shadow attacks with counter-attacks or simply ignoring, what if we were to offer them a life-line…a way out of the shadows and into a healthier and more meaningful place? As it turns out, speaking of voluntarily, Cajun Navy Relief has asked for us (Oath Keepers) to provide security for their relief efforts in North Carolina. We are heading down there on Tuesday or Wednesday as soon as we can get in there. We need volunteers. Our Orange County Chapter will muster in the Newburgh area. Our team leader is retired NY State Police who lives in NC six months out of the year with reliable contacts with the NC authorities. The Cajun Navy have established a CO for us to accommodate basic needs (showering…and showering) Go HERE to learn more and contact me at to join us. Remember, its them needing us today. It could be us needing them tomorrow. Prayers would be much appreciated! Nothing works on dissolving the shadows in our lives as effectively as prayer.


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