The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ On Homosexuality

Ephialtes’ Shame

The golden rule for understanding spirituality is not intellect, but obedience. If a man wants scientific knowledge, intellectual curiosity is his guide; but if he wants insight into what Jesus Christ teaches, he can only get it by obedience. If things are dark to me, then I may be sure there is something I will not do. Intellectual darkness comes through ignorance; spiritual darkness comes because of something I do not intend to obey. ~ Oswald Chambers, Obey God

“It makes no difference to me…” were six of the most damaging words to Western Civilization ever uttered by comic celebrity, relaxing the truth of sodomy into a joke…sin into the acceptable. The writers of Seinfeld made America laugh with homosexuality when they wrote it into the script of that episode…greenlighting a mass exodus from the one essential ingredient that keeps societies together and strong…moral character. Within thirty years and following the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, a political celebrity totally void of moral character would actually ask the Congressional Investigators, “What difference does it make?”

While Truth can be made to be unpopular and unfashionable; unlike most everything else in this world, it cannot be made to change from what it is. And the Truth of everything that is happening all around us is that the Devil rules this world, as God has allowed. The greatest human struggle WE ALL find ourselves in at this very moment in time, whether we care to admit it or not, is the battle between the Devil’s lust for One World Order (Globalism), and man’s God-given right to freedom (Nationalism). The modern-day Sodomite is Ephialtes the hunchback in 300. The 300 is the true story of the three hundred Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas, who made a final stand against thousands of Persian invaders led by the “God-King” Xerxes. Denied a position in the warrior “chain” by Leonidas because of the deformity which made it impossible for him to raise his shield, Ephialtes became the puppet of Xerxes and betrayer of Leonidas in this, the scene of his very seduction.

Within 5 minutes of the SCOTUS ruling on “Same-Sex-Marriage” in 2015, every Fortune 100 & 500 Corporation, most of which are Multi-National Firms ran the exact same celebratory rainbow adds. They are the modern-day Xerxes’ army led to the secret pass by Ephialtes, now wearing the uniform of a Persian soldier; status and credibility granted by Xerxes. So many of us standing on free soil, living free lives, and breathing free air for so long…like my friend who casually remarked, “That ship has sailed” in his acceptance of the SCOTUS ruling…had no idea the ship was the foreign armada conqueror, and we were the conquered.

I really meant it when I wrote last week that I wasn’t sure whether Western Civilization was worth saving. Or, maybe “worthy of saving” is putting it better. Two weeks ago, I described the abortion industry as our own national holocaust. It just so happened that a Liberal Jewish friend’s wife passed away two weeks ago (which I was unaware of when I wrote about the holocaust), and the family is asking for donations to Planned Parenthood in memory of the deceased. What has happened to us? I’m sure if you make the check payable to Baal, the bank will honor it. Of all the needs in our world, who asks for donations to kill innocent life? Xerxes is alive and well in the body of the NY “Catholic” Governor who wants to increase the offering to Baal, and separate the living ones from God, “Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order last year barring insurance coverage for conversion therapy for minors, and he also prohibited state mental health facilities from offering it.” The Democratic Party…the very same political party that booed God on the floor of their 2012 Convention, and its Modern Liberal Base, fully supported by the Globalist/Corporate Media Complex would have NO constituency at all, were it not for abortion and homosexuality…the dual altars of modern Feminism/Liberalism. This is what the “Caravan” is marching to? Totally lost on the marchers and most Americans is the fact that they are being used to turn America into the same Hell-hole they are fleeing!

What does the Church have to say about all of this? Well, interestingly enough, as the Caravan invades what’s left of our Western Civilization, the one remaining institution that has stood the firmest for the longest as the defender of Life and Marriage, on the heels of the Irish surrender, amidst a creepy silence over the McCarrick scandal, is preparing its flock following the Youth Synod (Sin-Nod), to accept the LGBT Caravan.

“Inclusion” may be the greatest lie ever told. It was never about inclusion. It is all about submission and totalitarian control. Freedom-fighter Brigitte Gabriel stunned the audience and silenced her Muslim detractor a couple of years ago, after the woman stood up and berated her for her work exposing the growing Islamic threat to the West. “The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving people.” She exclaimed. “You are right,” Brigitte calmly replied, “and the vast majority are irrelevant because they are silent.” …which goes directly to my point from last week. Evil will always go where it is invited…and nothing is more welcoming than silence.

Where is Truth if none dare speak it when it matters? Who will defend it when I’m gone, if I chose not to do so on my watch? To defend Truth is honorable, to give one’s life for Truth is Honor itself, and the greatest act of love. To betray it is shame, the conscious and willful separation from God. Hell. Truth cannot be killed. Look on the faces of Leonidas and Ephialtes in this powerful scene and tell me which one lives, and which one dies: The Cost of Freedom

Love the sinner, hate the sin are six words that need to be fully understood as the antidote to the poison invited by the six words I opened with. Anyone can avoid conflict with the sinner by accepting and approving the sin. It takes courage and love to point out his/her sin to them in this depraved culture. As long as we draw a breath, no matter what horrible and wretched actions and crimes we may be guilty of, we are loved by an amazing God…who wants heaven for us, and hates the very thing that separates us from Him. If you ever get the chance to hear Mike Baglione play and sing Amazing Grace, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


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