The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ When the World Turns Around

Mission Accomplished!

I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. I have wounded them so that they could not rise; They have fallen under my feet. For You have armed me with strength for the battle; You have subdued under me those who rose up against me. ~ Psalm 18:37-39

Benjamin Franklin once said beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. I believe that friends are even better proof. I said to my new friend I feel I’ve known for years, as we were discussing the latest Q-drop a week ago, “When the world is right-side-up, I can stop fighting and start singing again.” It was a very special moment as my heart so clearly saw the light at the end of what has been a very long, dark, tunnel. And just like that my first song in three years was born…

Pivotal is a good word…I’m convinced this Tuesday will be the most important and historical day in our lifetime, because I believe it will be the day we drive the final nail in the coffin of that which had turned us upside-down somewhere back in the sixties…and seeded long before that I’m sure. If my tea leaves are accurate, the American People will shout for all the world to hear, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, sending the Globalist/Progressive Genie back into the hole from whence it sprang. It’s already happened in Germany with Merkel fallen, and in Brazil with Bolsonaro’s rise to power. Why? Because Truth, once out, is one Genie that will never be forced back into a bottle it was never meant for in the first place…once the people get a taste.

David Carlin, who warned us of an approaching Civil War a few weeks back, updates us with what I think is a very accurate assessment of Our Critically Disappearing National Consensus. In America, the Left came within inches of turning our Republic into a Democratic Mob…a strategy they clearly haven’t given up on yet. In fact, they are desperately attempting to import more mob(s) through our southern border as I write. It’s the Democratic Golden Rule: Who needs Truth when you have majority…or as Goebbels might say, the illusion of majority. The reality is they lose. Why? Because no healthy-minded person ever willingly died for a lie. But history is replete with men and women who willingly gave their lives to defend Truth. They know this, but it doesn’t matter. Obama, de facto leader of the Resistance, along with Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Holder and Lynch et al, all know that losing for them means Prison or worse. They would sooner see millions of Americans dead. And their lifeline networks run deep…very deep and very wide.

Just yesterday morning I read Judy Ronay’s “Tree of Life” letter to the editor in our Warwick Advertiser, in which she referred to the imported mob as “refugees” and the NRA as responsible for the brutal murder of 11 Jews in Philadelphia. I responded online:

With love and respect for the murdered Tree of Life victims Judy, this is not about guns. This is about a society that has lost its way after 8 painful years of being torn apart and pitted against each other through the evil of “Identity Politics”…Once proud, healthy, happy Americans. Now bitter, angry, resentful people turning on the American in us, the Jew in us, the Christian in us,,,the Whiteness in us. These are wolves who divide us Judy, just as they would any flock. The answer is not more sheep. The answer is more sheepdogs. There are at least half a dozen men and women in our church at all times who hold their conceal/carry permits. My heart breaks for these victims and their families, but our God-given right to defend ourselves in all public places is the cure, not the disease. If Bowers knew Tree of Life was protected in this way, he would have never set foot inside. The NRA is not the bad guy Judy. God made the Tree of Life with Gevurah to balance Chesed for a reason my friend.

My response was removed by the editor. Do you remember when Barack Obama referred to good and decent traditional-minded Americans as “bitter clingers”, soon followed by Hillary calling us all “deplorables”? It wasn’t really a person that removed my response to Judy, it was a sick and twisted ideology. An ideology that, once exposed to the light of Truth, shrivels up and dies. It is exactly like the vampire exposed to light, holy water, or its own reflection. What could be more deplorable to freedom-loving people in a free country than journalists who deliberately hide or conceal truth for sake of an agenda that undermines and targets the very values the country was founded on in the first place? Who is the real clinger now Warwick Advertiser?

Q tells me Tuesday marks the day we, by the infinite grace of the Almighty, turn the world right-side-up again. Red Wave>FISA Declassification>Mass Arrests>Temporary Martial Law long enough to get what will now be a certifiably insane Left into straight jackets for their own safety>American People learn the entire story…the whole truth about the greatest and most diabolical crime in the history of mankind. What life will be like on the other side of this door is impossible to imagine…we’ve been in this fake Progressive World kept up with Progressive Dollars from Progressive Promoters for so long, many of us (to steal a line from Pink Floyd) have become comfortably numb. God did not put us here to live a lie, to be comfortable…numb or otherwise. He put us here to find our purpose and light in Him. Anywho…I wrote a song about it. Hope to have it recorded for my faithful readers soon. Who knows, maybe after Tuesday I will be able to finally Shutupnsing!

When the World Turns Around                                                                                                             CM ~ 11/3/18

Please allow me to introduce myself                                                                                                I’m a Tin Man in the USA                                                                                                                   Its so hard to get around                                                                                                              When the world is upside-down                                                                                                     And all the years I spent rustin’ away

When the world turns around                                                                                                 I will come back down                                                                                                   Gonna find me a place to stay                                                                                      When this world turns around                                                                                             I will lay my guns down                                                                                                           And I’ll pick up my guitar and play

We were friends long before                                                                                                            you chased me out the door                                                                                                               for expressin’ my point of view                                                                                                   when everything changed                                                                                                                    it turned normal into strange                                                                                                          and made a stranger out of you.


Must be somethin in the air                                                                                                             That can make a person swear                                                                                                         To give up everything                                                                                                                         He ever thought he knew                                                                                                             When every right is wrong                                                                                                                  It won’t be very long                                                                                                                            ‘til they come for the rest of you


Got pretty lonely up in here                                                                                                            With everyone in fear                                                                                                                         Big Brother watching                                                                                                                               everything we say and do                                                                                                                     But God told me                                                                                                                                  Its my right to be free                                                                                                                          To do what I was born to do


When we’re right-side-up again                                                                                                        No matter where and when                                                                                                               We gotta give the devil his due                                                                                                     Gotta send him back to hell                                                                                                            And that ain’t no easy sell                                                                                                                    …just the price of a heavenly view.

When it all goes down                                                                                                       Won’t find me sittin around                                                                                 Wonderin what am I to do                                                                                           When truth is back in town                                                                                         Honest men ‘L come around                                                                                               To make a better world for me & you

When truth is back in town                                                                                             Honest men ‘L come around                                                                                               To make a better world for me & you

 Harmonica out…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Chip Murray says:

  2. D. says:

    I just returned with a church group from Russia. We were there to visit three orphanages/ group homes. As I traveled around Russia, I saw first-hand the long-term results of what following the communist direction can do. It is devastating! Please everyone get out and vote to support the President’s agenda. We can not afford to loose ground.

  3. Elise D says:

    Great read tthanks

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