Thanksgiving Day Tune-up ~ On Gratitude

God Bless America!

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!” ~ Psalm 107:1

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Grandmother Ruth Murray rocking me in her favorite rocker, whispering lovingly in my ear to always be grateful…and I always have been exactly that. Despite the failures, defeats, and losses we all experience, I have never once been “down” about any of it. In fact, I can tell you honestly that I wake up each and every day thanking God for my good fortune. I am blessed to call the most wonderful people you can imagine my friends, a purpose that God has given me which puts my feet on the ground before I’ve even had the chance to wake up, and the privilege of waking up every day as an American in the greatest and most blessed country on earth…ever. That my friends is only the “tree top”…

Think about your life in the context of the entire world population. Most of us have always gotten up every single day without a worry about our next meal. We shave and shower in sanitary conditions, with unlimited access to fresh water, and transport ourselves from home to work…sitting down. I won’t bother to go into all the other “comforts” we enjoy. But I wonder how much time of our time is spent contemplating our good “fortune” and thanking God for what He has provided, versus dwelling on the things we’re missing?

My Grandmother knew. She knew the bible. She knew the history of men gaining, forgetting, losing, remembering, gaining, forgetting, and losing again. She loved me, and did not want me to be among the losers. I don’t mean “loser” by Modern Progressive standards, which I most certainly and proudly am. But by His standard. America will only be “great again” when we return to His standard.

May God bless you and yours,

Happy Thanksgiving!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Day Tune-up ~ On Gratitude

  1. New Wave says:

    God Bless you too, Chip. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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