The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Soft Tyranny of “Hate Speech”

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

To be accustomed to our Lord’s teaching is not to ask, “What must I do to be good?” but, “What must I do to be saved?” How long does it take us to know what the true meaning of our life is? One-half second. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Divine Estimate of Life

I had a conversation with “a friend” earlier this week. She told me that an old mutual friend of ours, Sam, was planning to visit her next month. The Sam we both grew up with is now Samantha. There was just a wee bit of tension as I struggled to form the word Samantha, knowing we were both referring to a man. A few months ago, it became clear to me after this same friend had popped in the movie Book Club (Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen) about four over-the-hill women ogling themselves over Shades of Grey, how so many people have been slowly and deliberately groomed to see the true black and white in life as subjective shades of grey.

China has the answer to the question, “What must I do to be good.” They, with the help of Google, have set up an Orwellian system to control the lives of all 1.3 billion of their people using a Social Behavior Score. You might be thinking, yeah but that’s China…that could never happen here. Think again.

Before the hard tyranny of summary executions, torture, and concentration camps, comes the soft tyranny of group-think, grooming, and political correctness. Think of how many of us are afraid to say publicly, the things we were free to say twenty to thirty years ago. I heard with my own ears, a county sheriff who swore an oath to defend and protect our Constitutional Rights say “there is no such thing as free speech anymore”, a couple of years ago.

Tyranny is a slow-moving shadow. First, the stage is set by creating a vogue hipness and appeal to collective group-think over individual thought and expression. Next, you establish the good/bad boundaries via political correctness, marginalize individual thought and expression, reward the Left, and punish the Right. Finally, you transform Martin Luther King’s “content of character” ideal into Identity Politics, and the garden is thusly prepared for Hate Speech…which blossoms into the tyrant’s favorite tool of Hate Crime. Welcome to Hard Tyranny my friends. It not only can happen here, IT IS HAPPENING HERE!

“Sunshine or the fire’s glow, makes no difference with your eyes closed.” Here in New York, its Freedom or (perceived) Safety…that makes no difference with our eyes closed. Everything is carefully orchestrated and produced. The propaganda arm of the State (Warwick Advertiser) sets up the spike by framing the question, “How do we respond to hate?” The State “responds to increase in hate crimes.” Note the comments in both articles, and in particular the State’s response article…and tell me who the haters are again? WARNING ~ Obscene language and references.

So now the Tyrant’s Stage of Identity Politics is set. We have the victim class established; minorities, gays, transgenders, muslims, and in this local case, Jews. We have the haters and their tools; privileged whites, Conservatives, and their guns. It does not take Detective Columbo to see where this is all leading. The so-called lawmakers here in NY will create a law giving them access to our social media history where any remark made about any individual or group within the protected victim class, will render the perpetrator of said remark ineligible to possess a firearm. In other words, the State’s solution to “hate” is to undermine if not destroy our Constitution, and eliminate the two most important parts that protect the rest; our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, by silencing and disarming those most likely to fight for them. Take away the Sheepdog and bring on the Wolf…or in this case, the Dragon. All you need do is look to China to see where this all leads. We will all be surveilled, monitored, and judged based on our “Social Behavior Score”. I should say, those of us still alive will be surveilled, monitored, and judged. People like me will fight to the death to stop it, or be taken out in advance.

Rather than leave you on such a dark and dreary note, I wanted to leave you with two delightful examples of encouragement that, if allowed to flourish, will thwart the Beast before it has a chance to pull our teeth! The first is Canadian Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson, armed only with his intellect, totally diffusing the Identity Politic “Gender Wage-Gap” Lie. The second, is a fabulous article written by Professor Anthony Esolen from the Thomas More College about the “Fresh Air” that could save us all. Remember “One-half second” is all it takes.


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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Soft Tyranny of “Hate Speech”

  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Yep, only those of us over maybe 60 understand that in our free republic that used to be, calling a person a Nigger may have reflected poor taste but it was in fact not a crime. Calling anyone anything was not a crime. One may get their ass kicked or worse but it was legal to utter whatever words one wanted unless a threat was communicated at which point, crime had been committed. We, mostly conservative male Caucasians are running scared from every potential victim group in society!!!!!  If one lives in the cities, the oppression of same is staggering.  I live it.  That lousy airline for which I no longer work is one of those companies wherein the only reason a White male is a pilot is that there aren’t enough non White, gay, trannies to fill the seats! That aspect of working in that field will not be missed one bit. “Rule 32” was terrifying for all of us. Have you ever noticed the HR rep that shows up to begin the investigation is almost ALWAYS a Black, overweight female? Since we caucasian males invented this culture, why in hell did we let it mutate into this hostile mob?

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