Shutupnsing Special Report ~ The Truth About Oath Keepers

Disgraceful Propaganda!

I saw this post on Facebook that had what you might call a “last straw” quality to it. At first glance, I agreed as most people would with the posited premise. But then, looking closer at the all-white-bible-waiving-male-attackers, standing over their “gay” dead-bleeding-victim…I realized what I was looking at, and exactly what the artist intended. This coming as the Notre-Dame ashes are still smoldering, three hundred Shri Lanka Christian families (Americans among them) are burying their dead, and Nigerian Christians are being slaughtered in numbers too great to keep track of…or report on in the main-stream news.

What this has to do with Oath Keepers is really quite simple. Our society is being torn apart deliberately and intentionally by people who hate who we are and what we stand for. The same people ripping statues and monuments out of the ground, are doing exactly what the English did to the Irish not so long ago and far worse. After 47 years in the US Senate, with all of his years of experience, Joe Biden disgracefully attempted to use Charlottesville and a total lie to benefit himself by editing President Trumps remarks to make it appear as though he was supporting the White Supremacists who happened to be there. In fact, there were 4 groups represented. Those with good intention who felt the statues needed to come down. Those with good intention who felt the statues needed to stay. ANTIFA. And White Supremacists. When President Trump said, “There are good people on both sides.”, he was clearly referring to the 1st two groups.

Oath Keepers refused to officially participate in Charlottesville because we knew the White Supremacists were planning to attend. Our founder’s mother is Mexican. We are as opposed to them as we are to ANTIFA. Things are more than likely about to get even uglier. The 1st Amendment is vital. The 2nd is 2nd for good reason. The ends DO NOT justify the means when the means turn to lies in deference to the One the Oath is sworn to. When “God Bless America” is banned, something has gone terribly wrong here at home.

God Bless America…my home sweet home!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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