The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Guarding Rock

Lover of Truth?

“To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe…After all, no one can be prevented from putting forth that strength of soul which is the characteristic of true Christians, and very frequently by such display of courage our enemies lose heart and their designs are thwarted.” ~ Pope Leo XIII, SAPIENTIAE CHRISTIANAE

The chaos inflicted on the Catholic Faith by the man passed off on the world as Pope Francis, the chaos inflicted on the people of New York via the Bail Reform Law, the chaos inflicted on the people of Virginia via draconian abortion and unconstitutional gun legislation, and the chaos inflicted on California via a plethora of tyrannical dictates, ALL originate from the same black hole in our universe. Black holes grow by swallowing up stars…

Think about what our world was like when the man who spoke the words above presided over the Catholic flock, a twenty-five-year papacy that ended with his death in 1903. Before the League of Nations, and the war that was to end all wars. It seems that the same “clamors” that have plagued us since the Fall, will be with us for some time to come. But, like dying stars, the one constant in the universe is the ebb and flow of “that strength of soul” which now seems so hopelessly stuck in the ebb stage. Pope Leo goes on to say, “This kind of conduct is profitable only to the enemies of the faith, for nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.” And it ALWAYS comes down to…it’s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die. The world will always welcome…what? Lovers…why? Because they are the shining star the black hole lusts for. True love, and love of truth are nearly identical twins, as most anyone and everyone who’s been fortunate enough to experience true love will tell you. AND…it’s as close to the Guarding Rock as most of us will get in this mortal coil. If we are made in God’s image as the good book says we are, then we’ve an innate love of truth.

But alas, we seem stuck in the season where “truth is treason”. Orwell describes the present state of the world we are living in as “an empire of lies”. The sad reality of this place is that the membership of The Liars Club seems to have outgrown the combined congregations of our synagogues and churches. Attacks on Jews have become a daily occurrence in Rockland County and Brooklyn, New York. There have been multiple attacks on synagogues and churches. These attacks, all orchestrated by the same architects of chaos, are by design and have a purpose. They need us to be divided and apart from one another. These may seem like hopelessly daunting times for those of us who cling to our Torahs & Bibles, but in fact they are the exact opposite. God did not make us to be hopeless and helpless victims…

First and foremost, “‘The Lord is my rock,’ my encircling guard.” In Him, “I have set (my) house of defense very high.”

Secondly…WE, as individuals in accord with the design of our Founders, are ultimately responsible for the spiritual and physical development of our children and the security of our families. To that end…in the 1st month of 2020 (Year of the Sheepdog), I am encouraging all to consider the following four-point Home & Family Security Plan.

  • Find a good church/synagogue and Sunday school, and become active members.
  • Get your kids enrolled in a good martial arts program…anytime after 8-years-old.
  • Get your conceal-carry license, teach your kids how to respect and handle firearms.
  • Seek out leaders in your circles who were made from and for the “Fire of God”:

“‘Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with the everlasting burnings?’ He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly. He who despises the gain of oppressions, who gestures with his hands, refusing bribes, who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed, and shuts his eye from seeing evil: He will dwell on high; his place of defense will be the fortress of rocks; bread will be given him, his water will be sure.” ~ Isaiah 33:14-16

They will possess…

  • Integrity: The leader’s life and words match.
  • Justice: The leader rejects dishonest gain.
  • Convictions: The leader’s values won’t allow him or her to accept bribes.
  • Positive focus: The leader refuses to dwell on destructive issues.
  • Pure: The leader disciplines his or her mind to remain clean and pure.
  • Secure: The leader is firm, stable in his or her identity and source of strength.

~ The Maxwell Leadership Bible

Its time to get REAL…for the love of Truth.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Guarding Rock

  1. doug1943 says:

    It’s time for those who can see what is coming, and who want to combat it — from whatever perspective — to get organized. Oathkeepers, III-percenters, or a local unaffiliated group: find one near you here — — and share your ideas with co-thinkers.

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